I didn’t recognize you!

I went to a surprise party for a friend. One of her friends showed up and I just knew I hadn’t seen her before. She introduced herself, and I recognized her name. Wait a minute! I know you!

We had been swimming together. Neither of us had seen the other in anything but our swim gear. We look very different when we’re dry, not wearing a swim cap and goggles, and we’re wearing real clothes. I had flip flops on, and I suspect she may have been wearing them also, but, otherwise, totally unrecognizable.

Red Hot Romance for July

Red Hot Romance for July

The books discussed in the above linked article look like they will be great fun to read. I have a few of them and I follow several of the authors that are listed. I may have to schedule some fun reading in this summer, just to include some of these. It’s a short list, so it should be doable.

 It Happened One Summer
by Tessa Bailey

 While We Were Dating
by Jasmine Guillory

 Isn’t It Bromantic?
by Lyssa Kay Adams

 Heartbreak for Hire
by Sonia Hartl

 Incense and Sensibility
by Sonali Dev

 Too Good to Be Real
by Melonie Johnson

Devil in Disguise
by Lisa Kleypas

Last Guard
by Nalini Singh

The Cool Bean by Jory John

The Cool Bean

The Cool Bean by Jory John
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book about fitting in with others would be best read by a child himself. If the child needs to be read to still, he may not be old enough to understand the message in the book.

It was very cute, though. The cool bean thought that his friends had deserted him, but in reality, they were right there for him when he needed them.

At the beginning of the book, I took it to mean that the beans had started middle school, but the maturity level of the book is a little younger than that.

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Sending my paper to myself

I sent in the last paper for the first of my summer classes. I do not have Microsoft Word on my computer, so I use Google Drive and change the format and email it to myself so that I can submit it in the correct format. It usually works well enough.

This time, I started to type in my email address and misclicked on the address, choosing the next person in alphabetical order in the contact directory. I almost sent the paper to one of the chaplains at work. He may have enjoyed the paper, but I think that it may have confused him instead.

At least I got a laugh out of what might have happened. He doesn’t know me well enough to know that I am generally nuts and that stuff happens to me all the time.

Pride Should Be Year-round

As we wrap up another Pride month, I was thinking about how all-inclusive the LGBT community is. Why can’t we continue celebrating this all year round.

Stand up for others. Show your support. Be kind. Include everyone!

Pride month is over until next year, unfortunately, but please consider carrying around a lot of the LGBT inclusivity all year.

Will you read my book?

Last semester, I took a class that had a small number of students to allow for discussion. We got to know each other pretty well.

One classmate is in one of my summer classes. He saw on my introduction video for the class that I write here. I got a message: “I wrote a book. Can you read and review it, please?” I guess I’ll be doing that this semester, too. Its sequel is coming out, soon.