Figures of speech

How many figures of speech can you find? I posted some of them below. Hopefully not spoilers.

Bird brain, in a nutshell, red herring, spill the beans, on a silver platter, heart on sleeve, ace up the sleeve, forget me knot, cat by the tail, cat got your tongue, running ragged, time flies, cards close to the best, ear worm, silver spoon, nailed it on the head, all eggs in a basket, chasing your shadow, kicked the bucket,

Cactus Leather

Cactus leather

The two men in the above linked article have found a way to make leather from cacti. It saves the chemicals that is used in regular leather, so it’s better for the environment.

I am curious, though, about what the article means by “fully processed” when it mentions the cactus cloth. Are there chemicals used here? And it also mentions “partially biodegradable.” That “partially” makes me wonder, too. I was hoping it would be clarified in the article, but it isn’t.