Bathroom negotiations

A friend and I went out a few months ago. We had a great time! At the end of the evening, I stopped by the bathroom before we headed back to settle in for the night. There were three stalls in the bathroom, each filled with a woman gossiping with the other two women. There was a line for the bathroom. Hurry it up, ladies!

I was the first in line. I wasn’t seriously in need of the restroom, but I needed to go before I left. The lady behind me started listing everything she had to drink over the course of the evening. I’m guessing she was trying to convince me that all that liquid had traveled to her bladder. I let her go first. She seemed more desperate.

Adventures in Getting Organized

When we moved out of the home we had occupied for almost 20 years, we left in a hurry. 20 years of household items got shoved into three storage units. I managed to get the stuff down to two units right away, but then life got in the way and I got settled into ignoring the units until we needed something.

There was a break-in early last year. Some damage was done but mostly it motivated me to get in there and straighten up the units. We got to the point where it was obvious that we could consolidate, but we needed to find help and hands to do it. Then we got notification that the price of the units was going up $200 a month per unit. This motivated me.

We went in and took almost everything out of the unit that we were planning on keeping. Then we started moving the big stuff we’d be keeping into the unit we knew we’d need to keep. We put the stuff that we were getting rid of into the unit we’d be letting go. We worked for hours and lost track of time. We ended up throwing everything back into the units to address on another day.

I contacted a friend of the family who does dump runs and he suggested that I rent a U-Haul since he was too expensive for the trip to the dump that I needed. So, it took me a few weeks and then I finally found a spot on my schedule and I reserved a U-Haul truck online. I gathered the troops and planned the trip.

Pickup at U-Haul was awful. Nowhere to park and they double booked the truck. I managed to get the keys before the second person arrived. She almost started a fight, but I told her that her issue wasn’t with me, it was with management. We were not off to a good start.

We went and threw out so much stuff that we hadn’t needed in all of the years that it had been in storage. I rented a smaller unit and put the stuff that we were keeping but wouldn’t fit into the single larger unit into it. The U-Haul was full and I felt accomplished after we made it to the dump.

I had to go back a few more times to finish emptying the large storage unit we weren’t going to continue to use. On the last day, I went to the kiosk to cancel out the account. The person that I spoke to told me to just leave the unit open and she’d take care of the rest. I got calls for a few days from other people, letting me know that the unit was empty and they wanted to know if I knew it. Yes. I emptied it and reported it closed. I was worried that they would continue to bill me. They did not, thankfully.

I do hope that one day I can find a place and put all of the stuff from storage into a home. Until then, I’ll be storing it for safe-keeping.

Idiots: Marriage, Motherhood, Milk & Mistakes by Laura Clery

Idiots: Marriage, Motherhood, Milk & Mistakes

Idiots: Marriage, Motherhood, Milk & Mistakes by Laura Clery
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I picked this up because I enjoyed the first book. I wasn’t so thrilled with this one. A lot that was left out of the first book should have continued to be left out of the second book. It felt like the author was getting paid by the word and threw random stories in to make her page count.

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Skeeter and the Weasels by Aaron Shepard

Skeeter and the Weasels

Skeeter and the Weasels by Aaron Shepard
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received this book as a free copy in order to write this review.

I enjoyed the story of Skeeter trying to save the world from the weasels, and I appreciated the pictures.

The story showed how working together can accomplish great things, and when you look at things in a different way, things become obvious to the viewer.

I enjoyed the bonus story, especially since the words weren’t split up to make extra pages, like the main story was.

I would recommend this book.

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Brackish Waters by Matt Boren

Brackish Waters

Brackish Waters by Matt Boren
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I listened to this one on audiobook. The story was fine. The narrator was fine. The music was awful! There was no reason to have the music there. It’s an audiobook, not a music album. Plus the music that was chosen made it sound life pieces of my car were falling off on the freeway. I would recommend the book if the music was edited out, but for now, I just give it a meh.

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Anxiety of the TBR List

Anxiety of the TBR List

The above linked article is about how we handle our bookshelves when it comes to the books we want to read – the TBR list – “To Be Read” list. I fall into the “I don’t think counting them would be good for my anxiety” group.

I already knew that I have anxiety over time. Will I get somewhere on time? How long will it take? How much can I get done? How many things can I schedule in a period of time? The article talks about that, and how the anxiety about how many books you want to read, and wanting to read them all at once, is really time anxiety. How many of these books can I actually read?

It also discusses that reading a new book has a different feeling than reading a book that has been waiting, unread, on your shelf for a long time. Was that book being on the shelf a way to comfort yourself? Does it remind you of a certain time and place, or even a person, that you were thinking of when you bought or received it?

I plan on getting some of my books read this year. How many of them will be on paper? I hope to find out.

Happy New Year, 2023

I knew that I was looking at a lazy long weekend, and I’m having trouble getting it out of my mind. It’s been raining hard, and it’s been cold. I just felt like hunkering down with a blanket, a dog, and books. I thought maybe I would go to a movie this weekend, but that requires me to get dressed and leave the house. I have managed to shower and change into clean pjs. I just can’t get motivated to do much more.

I cleaned a bunch of stuff until I filled the recycling bin. There were boxes and wrapping paper from Christmas gifts, so that took up a lot of room and stalled my cleaning. I’m still working on it, but not as fast.

I met my reading goal and then exceeded it. I stopped reading and decided I wouldn’t finish any books until after midnight. I managed to fall asleep long before midnight, but ended up rested for today. I slept through the time that I would have had to get up and dressed to go to a movie. Nothing caught my attention enough to motivate myself to go.

Because of the rain and cold, we’ve had trouble getting Molly, the dog to go out. She’s been uncomfortable and sluggish, but we know why. At 2am, she decided that she finally had to go out for real. She slept well after that and finally finished her dinner. She went out fine this morning, but hasn’t touched her breakfast.

I’ve worked on goals for 2023. I enlisted a friend to be a gym accountability partner. I have my checklists started. I plan on reading at least 130 books. I plan on posting on the blog daily. I will get into my smaller clothing again this year. I plan on swimming several times a week. I can do this!

I have mostly been reading digitally, but I have a lot of paper books. I plan to tackle the paper books this year. And passing them on, either to friends and family or to the little free libraries.

I have a lot lined up for 2023. I hope that I can manage a lot of it.