Sorry, we don’t accept library cards here

I have way too much extra stuff in my wallet.  I try to put my cards and such back where they belong, but they don’t always make it there.

Also, some days, I’m flightier than others.  And when I get busy and distracted, odd things tend to happen.

I was at the grocery store, attempting to pay.  My debit card chip doesn’t always work at the grocery store, so I handed the card to the checker.  “I’m sorry, we don’t accept library cards here.”  Ooops.

Life admin vs adventures

I was informed that the things I refer to as adventures can also be called life admin. I replied that it’s all in the way you look at the world.

Grocery shopping is an opportunity to see people and sing along to the music playing while you shop.

Library trips are opportunities to meet people, find new adventures in the books there, people watch, and get exercise in.

Gym trips are fun. You can watch tv, listen to music, learn how to use the equipment all wrong, etc.

If you look at all these things as chores, or life admin duties, of course they are going to be dull and draining. Find the fun in whatever you’re doing. Look for the absurd. You will find it if you pay attention.

Suessical the Musical

My aunt had her children after I had mine, so now my children are adults, but I still have two first cousins in high school. The youngest is a freshman and in the drama club. She can’t see a thing without her glasses, so, in order to avoid stage fright, she takes off her glasses and is on stage, blind.

I hadn’t heard the musical before, but I was very familiar with the story as it came up. The songs were great and my cousin did a wonderful job. It was well worth the trip out to go watch.


I have difficulty getting motivated. I know that I need to get up early tomorrow to get to work especially early for a patient who needs to be scheduled a certain way. I have packed my swim bag and change of clothes for tomorrow. I set my alarm for an hour earlier than usual. I am in bed with the lights off and no tv on, preparing to sleep. I am hoping that someone will call the motivation fairy for me, so she can come drag my butt out of bed in the morning.

Making Progress

I love being able to show progress.  I adore my FitBit since it shows me my steps and other things, and I can compare them to where I was.  Daily challenges between friends and family members keep me in competition with others, and this helps, too.  The Aria scale keeps me on track too, and logs it automatically into my FitBit dashboard.  Unfortunately, the numbers aren’t on my side, but I am hoping they will turn the right direction, soon.

Goodreads helps me keep track of what I am reading, and the progress I am making on each book.  It’s even easier when I read from a Kindle, because I can just share progress right from the reader.  If I get super picky, I can label each one with the reason I’m reading it.  I haven’t gotten that far into it yet, thankfully.  I can see, though, that I am making progress on my annual goal, and each book that is helping me get there.

Little Free Library

I love the idea of the little free libraries.  I was thrilled to find out that a friend is supposed to be opening her own in front of her house, near us.  I have many books to donate to it, and I am always looking to find new books.  Unfortunately, she’s opening it with her neighbor, and the neighbor has life getting in the way.

I was cleaning up at home and found a few books that I knew I would never read, but they were perfectly good books.  Someone would like them.  I put them in a pile to donate to her little free library, but opening day will be several months from now.  I put them in my car, hoping that I would be able to donate them soon.

I left work one day and drove to an appointment, so I traveled down a street that I usually don’t drive down.  I looked over, and what do you know?  A little free library was right on the side of the road, with lots of parking near it.  I actually remembered that I had the books in the car!  I hopped out and put them in the box.  Unfortunately, I found three more books that I NEEDED.  James Patterson.  Now I have to add them to my list of books that I need to read.

Bookbub and The Fussy Librarian

Soon after I got my first Kindle, I found bookbub. Soon after that, I discovered the Fussy Librarian. They are both websites that email you daily information on free and cheap ebooks. I have filled up several Kindles with these books.

Bookbub is very good about posting the prices.  They give a wide selection of free and cheap books, but they don’t necessarily stick to your favorite genres.

The Fussy Librarian is more tailored to your personal tastes.  You get a book or two in each genre that you’ve chosen.  Use caution, though.  It’s easy to end up in bargain books, which cost a little bit of money.

Both of these services sometimes have limited time offers, so pay attention to the price you are paying.

I am always looking for sources for free and inexpensive ebooks.  Does anyone have suggestions for other services?