Marking Debit Card as Travel Safe

I have two debit cards with two different banks.  I called the first one to mark my card as traveling so that I would not have to call the fraud desk while I’m away.  They did both trips for me.  Very easy.

The second bank, I explained the whole thing.  Twice.  “Ok, what are your dates?”  “I’m going from January (#) to…”  “Wait!  That’s more than one trip!  I can only do one at a time!”  Ummmmm, no.  One trip.  Multiple dates.  We got it figured out.

On to the next dates.  “Where are you going?”  “Mexican Riviera”  “but what country is that in?”

Packing for my trip

Last night, I started packing for my upcoming weekend trip with friends. I got some packing cubes and new suitcases. I was trying on clothes as I was packing, since many of my clothes don’t fit anymore. My daughter was helping

I tried on my favorite dress shirt and it still fits! Into the packing cube it goes! I found a light purple shirt that I loved, but I didn’t remember why I didn’t wear it last time I packed it. When I put it on, it fit beautifully, but was horribly wrinkled. That’s why I didn’t wear it.

My mom got a small clothing steamer for Christmas, so I asked if I could pack it. Into the suitcase it went with my toiletries. I got most of the things on my list into the suitcases and packing cubes. Suddenly, I realized that I couldn’t find the light purple shirt anywhere. I was opening cubes and checking. It wasn’t in any of them.

Finally, my daughter asked what I was looking for. I told her. “You’re still wearing it, Mom.” Well, what do you know? I was!

I still have a few things to pack, like my charging cables, daily toiletries and books. They’ll get put in just before the flight.

Cruise director

I have been following the updates for my upcoming cruise.  Kyndall Fire is the name of the cruise director for my upcoming vacation.  I decided that it’s a sign and I am on the right vacation.

I plan on a lot of time by the pool with my book or my Kindle.  I am sure that Ms. Fire will have other things for me to do, also.  I am getting excited.

Acquiring a passport, part 3

This part of the passport acquisition was exciting. Not much of a story behind it, though. It arrived in the mail. Plenty of time before my trip. I received my documentation paperwork and passport card the next business day.

I was able to check in for my trip with my correct info, finally! I am all set. Especially since I have my dresses and found a suitcase set for the trip. I just have to wait a couple of months until the day of the trip. I am excited!

Acquiring a Passport, Part 2

My marriage certificate arrived in the mail. Finally. I had a passport appointment for 11/28, but they had a couple of appointments available this week, and next week is a busier week at work, so it made sense to move it up. Plus, it would give me a couple of extra days to ensure that the passport is here on time for my trip.

I got the paperwork and fees together, and went to my appointment after work. I had a tshirt with writing on it, so I intended to change it before the appointment, but I forgot.

I got to the post office and it was empty. It was pouring rain, so I think that kept people away, plus it was the day before Thanksgiving. Other stuff came first, I guess.

I handed over all my paperwork and my driver’s license. Everything was checked. Phew. All in line. Ready to be processed.

I had my photo taken. It didn’t show the writing on my shirt, thankfully. But it’s an awful photo. Definitely me, though. I could have taken it over, but what the heck. Who’s really going to see it?

I was trying to decide if I should get a passport card, too. I found out that I can fly domestically with it, instead of a real ID. I was there, with all my paperwork, so why not?

I paid all my fees and now I wait. In the meantime, we are getting the excursions ready and all the trip lined up. I’m adding to my kindle and deciding if I’m going to bother to bring paper books with me, in case the kindle fizzles. I am waiting impatiently.

Setting goals

Every year, I set goals.  Health goals, reading challenges, financial goals, personal goals, etc.  The ones that actually work are the ones that are reasonable and not too easy.

I have already started thinking about next year.  I don’t wait for a new year’s resolution.  Why start tomorrow when you can start today?

Financial goal is to save more money.   That goal is always what I set.  It’s vague, but if I set a particular dollar amount, I will make myself crazy.  With my work schedule all over the place, I can’t do a particular amount.  Something is better than nothing.

Personal goals for next year.  Cruise in February.  Vegas trip in January.  Have something to look forward to each month.  Continue classes at the community colleges.  Meet with friends more often.  Look for the humor in everything.

Reading goals for next year.  75 books.  Get the book stack down to shorter than me.  Read more paper books.  Keep up the book reviews.  Get to the library more.

Health goals.  Bay swim again.  Vegas half marathon.  10,000 steps a day, every day.  Watch what I eat.  Get outdoors more.  Walk the dogs more.

Note that there isn’t a weight loss goal, only activity goals.  I learned that I make myself crazy when I fixate on the scale.

Anyone interested in joining me in goal setting?  In challenging me on fitbit?  Some other motivation?  Leave a message in the comment or through the contact page.