Second day of Spring Break

When I realized that I’d have time off school, and would have some evenings to myself, I started making plans with friends and family.

After work today, I wandered over to my sister/friend and her sons. We had lunch. We had a relaxing afternoon with the dogs and cats and kids. We had a group activity of removing a sock from the vacuum cleaner hose.

They had to go off to ice skating lessons so I wandered off to the gym. I took a brief nap in the car. The gym was near where I was meeting another friend for a movie, so it was a new gym to me. I found out there was a pool, but I hadn’t expected it and left my swimming stuff in the car. I found the women’s locker room and locked my bag and car keys in a locker. I went in search of a treadmill.

I did my mile on the treadmill and made progress on my ARC book. I went back downstairs to retrieve my stuff. There was one person in the locker room. Sitting in front of the locker holding my things. Eating a yogurt. Very slowly. I don’t really understand this phenomena. Entire locker room. One person. In front of the locker you’re using. It happens all the time. I tried to open the locker. I got a very dirty look. At least I didn’t have to change out of my swimsuit with her sitting there.

I wandered over toward the movie theater. With all the driving, I made progress on my audiobook. I may finish it tomorrow. I got out of the car and walked around the mall a bit. They are getting a Koja here! Small things excite me.

I got our tickets and sat in the lobby to read. A woman approached me to ask if I was in the movie club. No. But that sounds like fun. (Like I need something else to do.) We chatted for a while since we were both waiting. I got another book recommendation. Red Rising. I don’t know how this always happens. But, I always add to my book stack and my to be read list.

The movie, Gloria Bell, started. It was very odd and disjointed. My friend and I both hated it. Thankfully, it was only a $5 movie. I got to see my friend, so that part was good.

Also, I really might finish my audiobook tomorrow. Less than two hours to go!

Kind of a strange day

I woke up super early today. For no particular reason, it seems. I tried reading myself back to sleep but that didn’t seem to work. Eventually I got up. I decided to do chores that I normally would do when I got home from work. I loaded and ran the dishwasher. I stripped my bed and started the washing machine with the sheets and towels. I took out compost.

Then I left for work at the time I was supposed to. My neighbor was outside so I said good morning and she came over to hug me. She hadn’t seen me since Dad passed away. I smelled like her perfume the rest of the day.

I got to work and found that my first patient beat me into the department. He was super early. Better early than late, I guess. One thing after another was happening at work. Nothing bad, just unusual. All day.

On the way home, I called to find out if I should pick up ingredients on the way home. Yup! No problem. I found a book that I had been looking for. No line. Strange.

I got home and remembered that I had no sheets on my bed. They were still in the washer. Into the drier they went!

Someone had taken the garbage cans out, so I was grateful for that. One extra thing off the to-do list.

My daughter, who usually cooks, decided she would rather that I cook. “I don’t have anything complicated planned. Can you cook?” Yes. I can.

I was so glad that i got some chores done this morning. I was able to relax more this evening.

So far, no April’s fool jokers. But there are a couple more hours to go. I hope today doesn’t end strangely.

Parking for the weekend

One thing I love about living in an area with public transportation is that I can get home from work on a Friday and park my car. I won’t have to move it until Monday morning when I go back to work. I mentioned this to someone and his response was that he can do that, just by not going anywhere all weekend. I rarely stay home all weekend.

Friday night, I parked. I stayed in. Saturday, I went to the play, so I took public transportation. Sunday, I was just going to lunch and then not doing much.  The dog changed that.  But, for the most part, the car stayed where it was.  We took my daughter’s car.

Failing Eyesight

This morning I woke up and put my glasses on to read. I realized that I couldn’t see the words. I thought it was strange, but I took the glasses off and could read them. Interesting.

I wasn’t worried because I have an appointment with the optometrist this week, and I figured that my prescription just needed adjusting. Suddenly I realized what was wrong. I slept in my contacts last night, so I was correcting the corrected eye.

The Play That Goes Wrong

After I saw Hamilton, I got an email from SHN telling me what plays were coming up this season. I saw a play called The Play That Goes Wrong. It’s described as a cross between Monty Python and Sherlock Holmes. Sold! Then I started thinking about who might want to go with me. My cousin. Yep. He said it sounded fun. Then my mom piped up. So, the three of us will be going in August. We got our tickets today.

Emergency vet trip

We were enjoying a quiet Sunday at home. The dogs were chasing us back and forth up and down the hall and up and down the stairs.

Suddenly Molly yelps and starts limping. One of her toenails is bleeding. Of course, it’s Sunday and the vet is closed.  Off to the emergency vet, 25 minutes away.  I had to stop to grab the insurance paperwork while the kids managed to get Molly down the stairs and into the car.

Molly was so excited about seeing all the people and dogs at the vet.  She was running around just fine until she started jumping.  Then yelping and limping happened.  Molly was a sport about waiting for the vet.  She was less than thrilled about anyone touching her toe.  We agreed to have her sedated and have the toenail removed.  It’s going to be a while before the nail is back, but she will be fine.

Molly is a little groggy still, but she’ll be fine.  She already has her appetite back, but not her energy level yet.  I’m sure she’ll be jumping around soon enough.