Are you in the mailbox?

We have a P.O. Box and sometimes getting there is a challenge, depending on the weekly schedule. Last week, the family stepped up and offered to get it. Thank you so so much!

Unfortunately, the box number isn’t written on the key, and she had a little trouble remembering which box it was. Also, she wasn’t sure where it was located in the post office. I got a phone call, asking for directions. My response, “OK, are you in the mailbox?” No. No she wasn’t, but she was at the post office, which is what I meant. At least I got a giggle of the visual on that one.

A third of the bed

Molly has figured out that she’s allowed in my room. The cats tell her otherwise, but she’s finally learned to ignore them sometimes.

Sometimes, she decides that she will be sleeping in my room, which is fine. She’s not that big and only takes up a third of the bed at the most.

Unfortunately, most of the time the third of the bed she chooses is the bottom third. I’m not very tall, but this does make it difficult to find a spot for my feet and legs.

It’s still a work in progress, but we’re getting there.

I Got My Bandaid. I’m Done!

I helped out as a check-in person at the vaccination clinic a few times. One time, I was paired with a nurse who liked to put the bandaid on the patient before she gave the shot. She peeled off half of the backing and put it on the patient’s arm to give herself a target and so she wouldn’t have to hunt for the injection site. Brilliant!

This worked beautifully until she got to one young man who was a little unclear on the concept. He was so excited to get his bandaid and announced “I got my Bandaid! I’m Done!” He hadn’t felt a thing. Well, that was because the nurse hadn’t given him the shot yet. He was a little disappointed that she insisted on giving him the shot anyhow. He wasn’t upset, at least. The rest of us got a giggle out of his announcement, anyhow.

Catching Up

The reading for school slowed my regular reading down. Luckily, I received a free children’s book and it got me started on a rabbit’s hole of children’s book that were related. I am now only 7 books behind on my goal. 50 books completed this year. I still have a few to review. Several are scheduled for future postings, so you’ll be seeing them pop up soon.

I have several books that are not children’s books with good chunks started. I have deadlines for several of them, but I don’t think I’ll meet the deadlines. I will, however, be able to finish them at some point soon.

I am a tad ahead on my school assignments, so at least I am not completely behind. I don’t think this semester will have a 4.0 GPA attached, but passing is the goal, not straight A’s. Aim for excellence, not perfection!