What Are You Reading Wednesday

This was a crazy week, so Wednesday’s post is happening on Saturday. Again, better late than never.

I have two audiobooks going. One I started because none of the books I had on hold came through. That one is Thirty Year Crisis. I am not loving it.

The other audiobook is The Life We Bury. Bookclub is Sunday. I hope I can finish in time. I have three hours left in it, and a hour long drive, each way to my bookclub party tonight.

I am still working on the Alcatraz book from the library.

I have Perfect Princess by Meg Cabot going, and A Royal Christmas Wish is for bookclub on the 18th. Both are on the kindle.

I have 9 books to go to finish my annual goal. Hopefully, these five will get me close to being finished.

Black Friday Sleep

Years ago, I decided I’d never step foot in a mall on Black Friday, if I wasn’t working retail there. I had the day off with not much planned, so I decided to sleep in. My nap buddy, Inky, had other ideas.

Inky woke me up at 5, chewing on a plastic wrapper, alerting me that breakfast would be two hours early. No. It won’t. Go back to sleep. I am taking the wrapper away. No, she wasn’t eating it, she just makes noise with it so we’ll investigate. She’s done it for years, not chewing enough to get a bite out of it. Just lots of noise.

I went back to sleep and managed to ignore her until it was close to regular feeding time. She sang until the food hit the bowl, and it was quiet for a while. I went back to sleep.

Normally, if she sleeps with me, she’ll climb on top of the bed and settle in on my hip. She started to do that, then, I guess she decided it was cold and pushed her way under the blankets and fell asleep under my arm. She started snoring almost immediately and kept it up for two hours. Those two hours were some of the best sleeping hours I’ve had in a while. The feline heater worked great, once it settled down.

Christmas is Coming:

Christmas is Coming!: Rhyming Bedtime Story Christmas Book for Kids

Christmas is Coming!: Rhyming Bedtime Story Christmas Book for Kids by Arnie Lightning
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Cute Christmas Story

I loved the story. The rhyming was fun. My only complaint was minor. The illustrations and the words didn’t match up when the book talked about what Mom and Dad were wearing. No red skirt or vest in the illustrations? 

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The Color Purple

Banned books

The Color Purple – Alice Walker

Women’s history month tribute

Thirty day book challenge, day 13

I read this for bookclub last year, but it’s shown up on many lists. This book is another case where the book outshines the movie. The movie was limited by the acceptance of mainstream audiences. It glosses over many of the important topics in the book.

I watched the movie as a kid, and then watched it again after I read the book for bookclub. I understood a lot more, simply because I was an adult, but more that I had read the book.

It definitely should have been part of women’s history month. I really adored this book.