The Call of the Wild

I had multiple credits available at the movie theater, since I hadn’t gone to any movies lately, at least not at the theater that takes the credits. There just hadn’t been much that I wanted to see.

Yesterday, I decided that I should see The Call of the Wild, since I’d heard so many good things about the book, which I haven’t read yet.

I think the movie was well done. I was a little stressed by the violence in the movie, but thankfully, they didn’t show much blood or obvious deaths. Just that they went missing.

I had it in my brain that I knew how it was going to end, but I was wrong. I don’t know if I’ll ever read the book, but I’m glad I know the story now. I do assume that the book was better, but the movie was pretty good.

Ortega library branch

ORTEGA (415) 355-5700
3223 Ortega St. (at 39th Ave.) 94122
M: 10-6; Tu: 10-6; W: 1-9; Th: 12-9; F: 1-6;
Sat: 10-6; Sun: 1-5

27 branches

I came here for an event about Alcatraz. I went early to get things done. There is plenty of seating, but, with the middle school and high school right up the street and around the corner, it was full of kids. Loud kids. Free babysitting until the parents get off work?

The event was being held in “the meeting room” but I couldn’t find the meeting room when I arrived. I did find the bathroom immediately, thank goodness. I asked the librarian where the meeting room is, and she pointed to the room labeled “programs.” She seemed surprised that I didn’t immediately know that the meeting room wasn’t labeled “meeting room.”

Other than the kids after school, this a nice place to sit and read. There are plenty of places for adults to sit, unlike the Parkside branch. I had to wait a little while for a table with a plug to charge my kindle,but it wasn’t long. The kids cleared out by around 5:15, so it wasn’t bad at all.

Book to movie – Where’d You Go, Bernadette

I read the book when I heard the movie was coming out. I enjoyed the book, especially the quirky characters. I was concerned that some of the parts of the book would be overdone in the movie. I was pleasantly surprised. The movie followed the book very well. There were a couple of parts from the book that weren’t in the movie. It was probably better, since they were minor things and leaving them out didn’t take anything from the original story. In retrospect, they didn’t need to be in the book at all.

The movie was well cast. No one seemed to be trying to make her character bigger than she was, and no one made her character ridiculous.

Bottom line, I enjoyed the movie just as much as the book. I was very happy with it.

Afternoon dinner

Several months ago, my daughter chose a restaurant for her birthday dinner.  Her friends rejected the idea, since it was a seafood restaurant.  I promised her that we’d go sometime when there were fewer of us, since it was on the expensive side.

As I was leaving work on Monday, I realized that it was just my daughter and me home for dinner, so I suggested that we go to the restaurant.  They started us with edamame.

It was early in the day.  I didn’t realize until after we’d been seated that happy hour didn’t start for another half hour.  We decided to just go for it, since we weren’t expecting it, anyhow.  I had blood orange margarita and my daughter had a Thai iced tea.

We ordered calamari and brussel sprouts as appetizers.

I had the fish tacos with the salad, and my daughter had the special plate with a filet, crab cake and coconut shrimp.  She had fries and coleslaw with it.

We went to the bookstore across the street, Green Apple Books on the Park.  I figured it was perfect timing, since we were there.  My meetup group will be going for a book signing in a few weeks, so it worked out well.   There is no restroom there, but there is a reading room.   Huh.  I bought nothing for myself, but I got a book for my daughter.

We were going to go for ice cream, but we were kind of tired by the time we finished at the bookstore, so we headed home.  We were home in time to get the garbage out before dark and then to relax the rest of the evening.

Discount movie and book signing

I don’t know what’s going on with the font in this posting, but I tried to fix it.  I gave up after fifteen minutes.

I went to discount movie Tuesday to see Yesterday. It was a cute movie.  

Unfortunately, there was a shooting at the mall, and my friends started calling and texting me in the middle of the movie to make sure my family and I were ok. I had no idea what was going on at this point. I figured it out and acknowledged that everyone was ok.

After the movie, I got dropped off at the Barbara Bourland with Colin Winnette / Fake Like Me event at The Booksmith.


I really enjoyed the talk.  The book sounds wonderful.  I bought it.  I went to have it signed and the author looked at me and declared that she knows me, but doesn’t know from where.  I don’t this so.  She looked a lot like a friend of mine.  She said I looked just like her friend’s mom.  It was an interesting interaction.  She spelled my name right the first time.  Just like Amber Tamblin.

I texted my daughter and her friend to pick me up.  They arrived about ten minutes after I expected them to, but it was a beautiful night.  I should have started the book, but I was chatting with friends online, so I was entertained.


Out and about

Yesterday, I was off work. I also needed to move my car for street cleaning before 9am. No biggie. I had to bring a friend to city hall to get her birth certificate, plus I had to go to the library, and pick up the book I’d ordered on Monday. The bookstore opened at ten. So did the library, which I thought opened at 9. Best laid plans. Oh well.

I went to the library first. Closed. So I went back to pick up the friend. We parked near the entrance to the streetcar station and took public transportation to city hall. We had no trouble finding the building. No trouble getting through security. Lots of trouble getting through the hordes of brides and photographers taking wedding photos on the stairs inside city hall. I knew that the office to get the birth certificate was near the place where you get the marriage certificate, so I followed the line of brides backwards.

We filled out paperwork. Waited. Paid and were out of there in record time, birth certificate in hand. Next task is the social security card. Not today, though.

We headed back near where the car was parked and met my daughter for breakfast. I stopped at the bookstore where I had the pre-ordered book waiting for me. Very easy. Walked in, gave my name. Walked out with the book.

We had breakfast at the place where the waitress commented on my book the last time I was there.  My daughter and her friends chatted away.

They headed off to do their own thing.  I went to the library to pick up my holds.  Then I took my mom to her doctor’s appointment and cleaned out my car.

We juggled people and cars to get everyone to dinner and really enjoyed the place my daughter picked for her birthday dinner.  After dinner, they went on their way, and I brought the grandmothers home.

The kids went to a club after I was in bed. I got a text around midnight, letting me know that they didn’t go to the club, and they went home instead.  The line was too long.

One of the friends had left her car in the driveway.  It seems she left her keys in the Uber.  So, the car was in the driveway when I left for work this morning.  I went out so quickly, I didn’t even notice until my daughter called me to tell me the story.


Spending the day out

I had tickets to the baseball game yesterday. Traditionally, my daughter and I go to the games for our birthdays. Unfortunately, today’s game wasn’t on her birthday, and it was a day game.

I took the day off and slept in a little. I did a little laundry and showered and dressed. We went to lunch at Public House before the game.

We found our way to our seats and settled in to watch the game. The people who have the seats behind us are a corporation. They usually use the seats for team building. Because it was a day game, they seem to have given the tickets to their moms. They kept looking at all the kids in our section. “Oh, isn’t she adorable?” “I would just die to have that hair!” Annoying, but not as bad as the usual people complaining about Bob, their manager.

The game was great. Several doubles and a grand slam hit. Unfortunately, they were by both teams.

My daughter had to be at work, so we left after the seventh inning stretch. The final score came through before we even got home. It was a quick game.

When we got home, my other daughter wanted me to take her out to eat.  I was exhausted by the time we got home after dinner, so I wandered to find pjs and went to bed to read.  All in all, it was a good day.

Sailboat race

My brother and nephew were in a sailboat race. They invited my mom to watch, so I was asked to tag along.

Mom and I had a hard time finding the place. After a tour of the area, we finally found it.

We visited the crew on the boat until it got cold. Then we went inside and had a snack.

Mom and I waited inside by the huge windows and watched the race.

They managed to get past us for the first lap. We caught them as they started the second.

My nephew came up while the adults got the boat ready to put away. He said that they didn’t finish because someone was in the way. My brother showed up and said that they came in last, but finished.

Book signing – Era of Ignition, by Amber Tamblyn

I saw the email about the book signing and bought a ticket the moment I realized it was on a day I was free.

I arrived early, received my book and got something to drink at the bar. I sat down to start reading. A young woman eventually sat next to me. She started talking non stop. I know all about her. I told her about readings at the main library, and about silent bookclub.

The reading started. It was very comfortable, like a gathering of friends. After the reading was a q&a period. Jack Hershman was introduced and the author’s family.

After the q&a period, the signing started. The woman who had been sitting next to me decided to drag the gentleman behind her into the conversion. He learned about how Muni is the cheapest form of entertainment in the city.

As I got close to the front of the line, I started getting nervous as I do when I’m one on one with a new person. At least I was semi warmed up after talking with the two people near me in line. I hand the book to Ms. Talbot and she asks my name. She writes in the book, I look, and I open my mouth and “Oh! You spelled it right. You can’t work for Starbucks now.” comes out of my mouth. She looked at me blankly for a second then laughed and said, “Oh, that’s funny.” She handed me my signed book as I wandered off dying from embarrassment.