Making Progress

I love being able to show progress.  I adore my FitBit since it shows me my steps and other things, and I can compare them to where I was.  Daily challenges between friends and family members keep me in competition with others, and this helps, too.  The Aria scale keeps me on track too, and logs it automatically into my FitBit dashboard.  Unfortunately, the numbers aren’t on my side, but I am hoping they will turn the right direction, soon.

Goodreads helps me keep track of what I am reading, and the progress I am making on each book.  It’s even easier when I read from a Kindle, because I can just share progress right from the reader.  If I get super picky, I can label each one with the reason I’m reading it.  I haven’t gotten that far into it yet, thankfully.  I can see, though, that I am making progress on my annual goal, and each book that is helping me get there.

How today went…

All week, I have been complaining about needing a pedicure, since two nails have overgrown and are starting to hurt. Yes, I could cut them myself, but when I paint them myself, they look like a kindergartner painted them, and with her non-dominant hand.

My daughter has acrylic nails, and has broken two, so she insisted that it’s time to get nails done. I had my fingers done over the weekend, so it is only my toes that need doing. Apparently, one of her friends needs her nails done, too. So it’s a group effort.

I arrived just when I thought I would. I stopped at Starbucks first, then walked into the nail place. “Pick your color.” I chose hot pink to match the glitter color that caught my eye. I always choose glitter. With glitter on your toes, no one notices the chips, so the pedicure lasts longer. Plus, it’s glitter.

I use the restroom, because, as my friends have told me, much of my life revolves around my bladder. I settled into the massaging pedicure chair and turned the chair on and put my feet in the water. I don’t mind waiting while the massage is going and my feet are in the whirlpool.

The guy doing my pedicure was left handed, and a perfectionist. I felt all backwards since he started from the other side. He checked for rough spots thoroughly and almost killed me tickling me with the pumice stone.

We waited for all of us to finish, then went to lunch. I took a kid to work, then went to the library to pick up my holds.

I got home and did a few tasks and napped before class.

I got to acrylic painting class. I had figured out that I can listen to audiobooks while painting, so I started up my current one and started painting. I was laughing, hopefully quietly. One of my classmates is a big reader, so I wandered over to recommend the book to her. I got another recommendation and an offer to borrow a book. I expect to be reading the borrowed book by this time next week.

Good intentions

I met my daughter at the gym today to do treadmill work. I am determined to get back to it and start running again soon. One must walk before running, so I made myself finish a half hour on the treadmill. I got a mile under my belt. Without coughing much.

The great thing about going with my daughter is that I am motivated to stay on the treadmill until she’s close to finishing. The bad thing is that I don’t get my reading done.

Getting back at it

I enrolled in classes at the community college. Twice a week, I take body conditioning, a PE class. Twice a week is acrylic painting.

Because of my recent foot surgery and the fact that I hadn’t been able to exercise for many months, I have to modify many of the exercises in the body conditioning class. I have also had a cough for several weeks, and it’s just now getting better. It was the worst when I lie down, since post nasal drip from allergies is the cause of it, according to the pulmonologist.

We start out body conditioning class with a core workout on the mats. We start with planks. I can’t put pressure on my toes yet, so they are modified. Front, right side, left side planks. Then Superman pose with arms in front and then arms at side. I’m great at this one, since it’s essentially just lying on my belly with my head and feet off the ground.

Then, we go on hands and knees with the left hand and right leg up, then reverse. This is fun to watch others do. It takes a bit of coordination, and several people never get the hang of it. You’d be surprised at how many people try to get their left hand and left leg up at the same time and are surprised that they fall over. Then they try to reverse it. I try not to watch, because I draw attention to myself when I laugh.

We flip over onto our backs for pike position, which is basically just touching our toes with our feet in the air. I am also good at this one, until the coughing starts.

We stretch our hips, do knee hugs, stretch hamstrings and sometimes raise our hips off the ground. Then we go to medicine ball exercises.

Planks on the ball. Also known as try not to fall on your face. I have to modify on this, so I’m on my knees, not toes. If I use the ball, I end up just kneeling and holding the ball. When I tried to actually balance, the instructor asked me not to. So, during this time, I end up doing straight arm planks while making sure my ball doesn’t roll away. I suppose I some use out of the ball, since I’m on one hand catching the rolling ball quite frequently.

Then, dying bugs. On our backs, ball up, bicycling. Then crunches with the ball. Russian twists, which are bringing the ball from right to left while seated, leaning back a bit.

Then we go back to planks on the ball and repeat exercises. Because I’m still way out of shape and I’m still slightly coughing, I use the flip over time to tie my shoes, check to see if my socks match, and see what spots I missed when I shaved my legs last. All good uses of my time.

Sometimes we do jumping jacks, which I modify. Sometimes squats with the medicine ball. Sometimes pushups, which I modify, and sometimes we do these with the medicine ball. Again, attempting to not fall on your face.

We are then turned loose to do our own workout. I am usually coughing by this point, so I find my inhaler and water and walk around in the cold air outside until I can catch my breath.

Then I’ll do weights for a little while and hit the treadmill with my Kindle until I have to go to the bathroom. Then I’ll come back and work on getting steps in for my fitbit challenge and try to finish a chapter or two in the Kindle. I am getting faster on the treadmill again, thankfully. Not as fast reading, though. The faster I walk, the slower I read. It’s ok, though. I’m still multitasking.

More challenges

Every time I get a cold, the cough lingers forever.  It slows me down to no end, because every time I move, I cough.  I take a deep breath, I cough.  I lie flat on the bed, I cough.  I don’t sleep well because the cough keeps waking me up.  When I don’t sleep, I can’t concentrate on my reading.  I either get the book/kindle opened and manage to flip a few pages, or I open it and fall asleep immediately.  Getting nothing accomplished, either way.

I also can’t work out because of the cough.  I usually am able to prop the kindle up on the treadmill while I walk.  I’m not getting the time on the treadmill because I can’t catch my breath.

I have been forcing myself to get a chapter a day read of several books for several reasons.  It looks like I’m not making progress because the progress is thinned out over several books.  Hopefully, I’ll be finishing several all at once.

As of now, I only have two things on my schedule for this weekend, so maybe I can get some reading done between those two things.

I need to get these books done by these dates.

All Systems Red complete by 10/21, 4pm for scifi fantasy bookclub
Black Beauty chapters read for buddy read
The Bette Davis Club complete by 10/27 for Vegas bookclub
She’s Not There complete by 10/24 for Avenues bookclub
A Second Chance complete by 10/17 for SS10 Goodread challenge
Where Nobody Knows Your Name chapters read for buddy read

I should also read these, but I’m not on a real deadline.

Less I was supposed to have finished for Avenues bookclub, but I wasn’t getting into it and I was getting sick
Winnie the Pooh I checked it out from the library and have renewed it multiple times, expecting to finish it.
Invisible Man I started it for non fiction bookclub, but ran out of time.

I also want to get the stack of paper books down so that the pile on my nightstand isn’t threatening to topple over on me in my sleep.