Prepping for the swim

I am currently charging my swimming mp3 player. My towels and swimsuit are drying. I sync’d my Garmin watch to the app, so it’s empty. I have most of my change of clothes packed. Once I put the clothes, towels and music into the swimming bag, I’ll be all set. Except, I forgot soap in my shower bag. One day, I’ll get to the gym with everything I need. Today wasn’t that day. Maybe it’ll be tomorrow?

Pool on the cruise

Those of you who know me well will be surprised that I spent zero time at the pool. We didn’t even sit on a lounge chair. I did, however, spend time in the water in Cabo San Lucas. My daughter’s got those photos. I didn’t bring my goggles so I didn’t full on swim. I had to check out the buoys on the edge of the swimming area, though. I made some people nervous doing that, though. They weren’t even as far out as the buoy line at Aquatic park, though. Plus it was much warmer and clearer. I could see plants and fish. I body surfed back to shore, so it wasn’t a strenuous swim by any stretch of the imagination.

I did briefly consider asking the water temperature every morning the captain announced the stats. With the air temp being what it was, I can only image that the water at sea was chillier than I’m used to

Fifteen minutes at a time

I have had people ask me how I get so much reading done. I make time for it. I am not a fast reader, really, but I pick up my book or Kindle whenever I have free moments.

“I could do that if I ignored work, my kids, my spouse, etc.” No. I don’t. I just do my reading in little chunks. Waiting in line. During breaks at work. Waiting for a dental appointment. On the train or bus. All useful quiet time.

I start reading about fifteen minutes before I plan on falling asleep. This actually helps with my insomnia, too. My body knows that if I’m lying down reading, it’s almost sleep time. I used to have hours of awake time at night. Now it’s about fifteen minutes after I start reading. Sometimes less.

I multitask. Read the book on the treadmill. Bring the waterproof Kindle to the pool and hot tub. Run the audiobook in the car.

Another trick I learned us to put on my headphones. When my family sees them on, they know I can’t hear them well. They get my attention if they are addressing me, but if they are talking to each other, they are muffled. This is usually at the point where I’m trying to sleep. I’m not just ignoring them.

The main thing, though is that I turn the TV off and read during the time that I’d normally be watching TV. The TV is a big distraction. I have learned to only watch the few shows a week that I actually enjoy. The rest of my former TV time is spent reading.

What a big book you’re reading

I am reading Spinning Silver for sci fi/fantasy bookclub on Sunday.  My mom saw me reading it and commented that the book was huge (466 pages).  She usually sees me reading on my Kindle, and it seems that she doesn’t realize that there are many many more pages in the Kindle than in a paper book.  She just can’t see them, since they are digital.

I tend to read the Kindle in bed, so I don’t have to turn lights on and fully wake up.  Even with the reading light, the paper books are more likely to keep me awake or to keep me from falling back asleep.

I also am supposed to finish We’re going to need more wine for a Goodreads group challenge by Thursday.

The Swing of Things is what I’m reading on my Kindle right now, while I am in bed or on the treadmill.  It’s just for me.

Skinwalker is due for sci fi/fantasy bookclub on Sunday, too, as an alternate book.  I don’t think I’m going to get to it, though.  It’s a library book, so it might be headed back before I get to it.

Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows is on the list for Vegas bookclub, but it’s not due until the week before Christmas.

I already read the book for tomorrow’s book club.  I am glad, since it wasn’t a favorite book, and I don’t have to read it again.

Curse of the Lord of Darkness needs to be read and reviewed soon.

Neverending Story is for a buddy read with a very patient online friend/reading buddy.  I carry the book with me, but I tend to grab my Kindle when I am out and about.  I need to pick up the paper books more.

First day back after a long weekend

After 4 days off for the Thanksgiving weekend, I didn’t know what to do with myself when the alarm went off this morning.  I rolled out of bed and did my usual routine, and headed out the door.  Everyone else seems to have gone back to work and school today, too.  Traffic was a mess.

I got to the parking lot at work and got a text from my coworker.  Two of the monitors were black, and she couldn’t get them going.  I started troubleshooting from the phone as I walked up to my department.  She was on the phone already, calling for outside help, when I walked in.  I took one look at the computers and turned them on.  All fixed.  I knew it was going to be a Monday.

The rest of the day went fairly smoothly.  The last patient was late, and we learned that we would be working late tomorrow, though.  All in a day’s work.

I got an email for a free registration for a 5K.  I signed myself, my daughter, and two of her friends up for it.  It will be in May, so there’s plenty of time to get ready for it.  It is a foam glow one, so it will have black lights and soap bubbles.  We should be a mess by the end of it.  It ended up costing us each $10 for insurance, but it’s still cheap for a 5k.

After work, I met my daughter and her friend to practice driving.  Her friend has her driving test next week, and will be driving my car for it.  She did well with the practice drive.

School had been cancelled for the previous week and a half, due to air quality, so I went back to that, too.  I managed a mile in under 24 minutes, while reading my kindle on the treadmill.  My foot and lung are coming back.  I am getting there.

Setting goals

Every year, I set goals.  Health goals, reading challenges, financial goals, personal goals, etc.  The ones that actually work are the ones that are reasonable and not too easy.

I have already started thinking about next year.  I don’t wait for a new year’s resolution.  Why start tomorrow when you can start today?

Financial goal is to save more money.   That goal is always what I set.  It’s vague, but if I set a particular dollar amount, I will make myself crazy.  With my work schedule all over the place, I can’t do a particular amount.  Something is better than nothing.

Personal goals for next year.  Cruise in February.  Vegas trip in January.  Have something to look forward to each month.  Continue classes at the community colleges.  Meet with friends more often.  Look for the humor in everything.

Reading goals for next year.  75 books.  Get the book stack down to shorter than me.  Read more paper books.  Keep up the book reviews.  Get to the library more.

Health goals.  Bay swim again.  Vegas half marathon.  10,000 steps a day, every day.  Watch what I eat.  Get outdoors more.  Walk the dogs more.

Note that there isn’t a weight loss goal, only activity goals.  I learned that I make myself crazy when I fixate on the scale.

Anyone interested in joining me in goal setting?  In challenging me on fitbit?  Some other motivation?  Leave a message in the comment or through the contact page.



Everything is an adventure

Things just happen to me. I don’t know why. They either happen to me or around me.  I don’t know if I am more observant than others.  A friend tells me that it’s just that I am out there and doing things more than the average person does, so there’s more of an opportunity for absurd things to hit me.  It could also be that I just tend to find humor in many things.  I have been accused of making these things up and embellishing stories, but they happen in front of witnesses.  “I always thought you were kidding about this stuff happening to you.”  Really, I am not.  I have friends that won’t go places with me if they want a normal excursion.  I don’t cause it, I just go with it.  Never bad things, just unusual.

Today, at the nail place, the woman at the table in front of meme was telling the woman next to her about her phone case, “and this color here is gangrene, and of you put your finger here, it keeps you from falling.” Huh?

I have managed to fall off a treadmill.  That one was Karma.  I was at the gym, doing my regular walk/jog on the treadmill.  I could see out the window, and there was a baseball field across the street.  Every morning at 6:30, the sprinklers went on.  Every morning at 6:30 some unsuspecting jogger would be in the middle of the lawn and would get hit with the sprinklers.  Every single morning.  So, it became 6:29 and I started looking around to see who might be hit.  Lady with the dog… no.  Too far away.  Guy with too short shorts… maybe.  Suddenly, I missed my footing and stepped on the edge of the treadmill with my right foot.  My left foot was still on the belt, moving.  So, I went face down onto the belt and off the treadmill.  The lady next me to me was almost more stunned than I was.  I got up and realized that I wasn’t seriously hurt, and continued my walk/jog.  Got back up on the horse, so to speak.  I was slightly bruised, but nothing worth noting.  Except on my mammogram that year it was noted “Patient has bruising on her breasts and abdomen which she claims are from falling off a treadmill.”  I didn’t just claim it.  It really happened!   A few months later, I was at the gym with my daughter and I drop my mp3 player while I was at a full run on the treadmill.  I tried to catch it, but my daughter had more sense than I did.  “Mom!  At least it was only the mp3 player this time.  Don’t fall off again!”  She was right.

Yesterday in art class, I was walking to get clean water for my brushes, and I had my audiobook going.  I passed a classmate and got stuck on something, so I stopped.  My headphones managed to get caught on her glasses somehow.  How, I haven’t a clue.  She laughed at me and we detangled ourselves.  I have also managed to paint my daughter in class.  Her whole hand.  Yellow.  Talent.  So, when I was walking around class last night with a paintbrush that needed washing, everyone steered clear of me.

I have also mentioned my public transportation and library adventures.  I am sure I’ll come up with more.  Life is an adventure.  Make the most of it.  Go with it.  Laugh.  Enjoy the trip.  We all know the ending, but it’s the journey that matters.