Happy New Year! Welcome, 2022

Now that 2021 is behind us, it’s time to set my goals.

I plan on hitting the gym more often. I need to get it on the calendar. If I could afford a trainer, I would so that I could be accountable to getting somewhere on time in the mornings since I’d be meeting someone. I can’t afford it, so I have to figure out a different plan.

I have lists set up for daily and weekly routines. I plan on checking them daily, and seeing how far I can get.

I have set my goal for the annual reading challenge at 125 books since I have been receiving free kids books a lot. I read 112 in 2021, so adding a few more won’t hurt.

I hope to finish up my degree this year. I have 2 required classes and 3 electives to finish up between summer and fall semesters. I hope I can get everything I need.

I hope to get better sleep patterns established next year. Regular bedtimes and wake up times need to be set.

Meal planning was started and ended in 2021, so we will pick that up again for this year. It’s been better when school has been out, since everyone isn’t doing as much as they do when school is in session.

It’s a lot to look at all at once, but it isn’t so bad when you realize it covers so many different parts of my life. Small chunks at a time. Here’s to 2022!

Stuck at 2 books left to go

I’ve been stuck at 2 books shy of my annual reading goal. I pretty much stopped reading just before finals week. I have some time to finish up the books, but I am frustrated that I can’t seem to finish books right now. I have so many books started and almost finished, I need to get them done. Who thinks I can finish both books by the 31st? How many books should I set for my 2022 goal?

Best Books of 2021

Goodreads Best Books of 2021

The above link shows the Goodreads best books of 2021. My issue with this list is that it comes out at the end of the year, and most people only nominate the books they have recently read, or the books that they know are coming out. A lot of these books are on my TBR lists, but I have read several of them.

Maybe Goodreads could consider doing nominations year-round to include more books? Just a thought.

7 books ahead

I hit 105 of my 110 book goal today. Five more to go! It’s been difficult with all the reading for school, since most of my school reading isn’t in novel form.

I think I can manage 5 more books before December 31, especially since, as always, I have multiple books started.

21 books to go!

I have completed book 89 of 110 for the year. I think I might make it to my goal. I have been reading more quickly that I expected, since school books and book club books are pushing me along.

I have not been exactly keeping up on reviews, so I am getting to them as I can. As you may or may not have noticed, they aren’t getting posted in order. I’m getting there, though.

I am partially finished with several books, so the number to go should change quickly, depending on how much I manage to read in the next few days, and how well I keep up with homework. I am ahead in several classes and just keeping up in others. I have a few research papers to do, so those might slow me down a little.

I’ll keep you posted.

Sense and Sensibility┬áby Jane Austen

Sense and Sensibility

Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was dreading reading this book for class, but I was pleasantly surprised. The two sisters in the story are very much opposites, but still are managing to get through life.

Movies that were made based on this story miss a lot of the humor and sarcasm that is written into the book. This is definitely a case of the book is better than the movie.

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9 books behind

I’m still reading, but just not finishing much. It’s frustrating because I know I can keep up with the challenge, but my brain is fixed on deadlines. I start a book, get most of the way finished before the deadline of a school assignment or bookclub. The deadline passes, so I put the book down and move on to the next. At least I’m only single digits behind!

I have so many books almost completed and put away that I could almost finish the challenge if I actually did it.

I’m going to be poolside for a few days, so maybe I’ll bring them along and get them done. Fingers crossed!

15 Books Behind

I have been reading. Really, I have. I haven’t been finishing much, and when I do finish, I haven’t written reviews. I spent time this week, between classes, catching up a bit.

In theory, since June 30 is roughly the middle of the year, I should have had 55 books completed by then. I think I had 38 done at that point. I am catching up, and I am sure I will fall further behind once school starts up hard again in the Fall. I think I will be close. Only time will tell.