A trip to the zoo

At the last meetup group meeting, I asked what the members would like to do for upcoming events. Several were mentioned that required more than just an hour or two on a weeknight. So I thought about what weekend days might be available. Labor day was perfect. I put up a poll, got one response, so I made the final decision to go to the zoo. We were to meet at the carousel at 10:15.

I left to catch the train. I ran into a neighbor with two big dogs who were intent on meeting me. They were so friendly and wanted to join me, but I told them that dogs aren’t allowed on the train or in the zoo.

I continued on and saw a man coming out of his house with pants the same color green as the house. I decided to not say anything.As I was walking to the zoo entrance, a man pushing a stroller started singing Beast of Burden. I asked if he was going for the zoo theme and thanked him for the giggle.I got to hear a couple argue about who forgot the baby’s sweater. It brought back memories of when my kids were small.I went to the meeting location, and no one showed up, as expected. I got another chuckle as a small child told his dad he wanted to pet the choo choo.

I am wondering what this is.  Maybe part of the old Fleishacker’s pool?

I had no idea that the zoo is 90 years old.

The translation of the zooetta stone.

They finally enclosed the flamingos.  I was always nervous about small children falling in.

I made a video of the fairy gardens.

I still haven’t figured out who Eugene Friend is.

I had to watch the carousel rotate.

They have posted the schedule and map instead of using paper ones.  Wonderful!

Watching the Grizzlies eat.

They were cleaning the pool when I arrived.

The anteater never made an appearance.I talked to the zookeeper for the wolverines. She told me to go watch the fishing cat. I took a video of it hunting, but the video didn’t process.

I did catch feeding time for the otters, though.

I got to the otter enclosure as they were being fed.I went to sit near the penguin enclose enclosure to wait for my children. They brought me a zoo key.We stopped to eat lunch before they saw any animals.

My lunch was a Thai noodle bowl. Not much flavor.

From here on out, the photos are jumbled.


We spent a long time watching the lemurs playing and lounging.

I remember getting fish to feed to the sea lions when I was a child.

There’s always a Darwin awards sign somewhere.

More lemur photos.


I got my zoo key and I need a manicure.

No rhino in sight.

That’s a hippo, under water.

The last Doggie Diner head.

I was surprised to find chickens in the yard of a zoo neighbor.

It was a fun exhausting day.  I made 12,000 steps on my fitbit without trying very hard.

Adjusting the goal

According to my Goodreads account, I have completed 60 of my 75 books for my annual goal.  I went and counted and I have read 15 children’s books so far this year.  I wasn’t expecting to read that many when I set the goal.  Adding the 15 to my originally planned 75 books would make the count 90, so I’ll be changing the goal to 100.  It shows that I am 24 books ahead, so I’ll be ok, I think.

Changing the goal to 100 makes me only 12 books ahead of schedule.  Still well above where I thought I’d be.

Prepping for the swim

I am currently charging my swimming mp3 player. My towels and swimsuit are drying. I sync’d my Garmin watch to the app, so it’s empty. I have most of my change of clothes packed. Once I put the clothes, towels and music into the swimming bag, I’ll be all set. Except, I forgot soap in my shower bag. One day, I’ll get to the gym with everything I need. Today wasn’t that day. Maybe it’ll be tomorrow?

More Than Halfway Through

This morning, I finished book 38 of my annual goal of 75 books.  I am 7 books ahead of schedule.  It gives me a little wiggle room to fall behind a bit, but I think I am doing ok.  Between my own challenges, ARC reading for authors, and bookclubs, I am staying on track with most of my deadlines.  I may have to change my goal if I get close to finishing before anticipated.