Working towards the Goal

I have fallen behind on my annual reading goal, as I posted a while ago. I have been working on catching up, but mostly I have been starting books and not finishing them. I was 11 books behind a few weeks ago. I finished a few books, and now, I am 11 books behind! I guess it’s good that I am not falling further behind, but I would rather be ahead. I will be able to finish several books all at once, since I have started so many. I hope that finishing them will at least get me into single digits behind. Fingers crossed, everyone!

11 books behind

I have been concentrating on school and home stuff, so I haven’t been reading as much as usual these days. I also haven’t been doing errands as much lately, so I haven’t had the audiobook listening time that I usually have. Somehow, I have managed to get 11 books behind.

I should pick up some of my half finished books and catch up. I’ll get to it one of these days.

Catching up from October

I went back to look at my posts from each month this year. Wow. I really slipped in October. I hadn’t been doing much reading, but I did manage to get to finishing book 89/100, so I’m not doing too bad.

I did find that I have several posts started, and just not published. So, that will be on this week’s agenda. Now that I’m done with midterms and I’m well into my final paper for two classes, I have a little bit of time. Time to play catch up!

70/100 completed

Thankfully, I got an early start on my reading goal of this year. I am currently ahead of schedule with my reading, but it’s because I started out strong.

When I got sick earlier this year, I didn’t feel like reading at all. That’s how everyone knew I was really sick. All I wanted to do was sleep and hope that I could breathe again.

I hadn’t really gotten back on track before we shut down and then I was so overwhelmed that I just didn’t feel like reading. I know a lot of people felt the same way.

I recently started reading again, so I’m feeling better about it. It looks like I might reach my goal this year. With more than six months left, I have only 30% of the books to finish. As always, this is just a goal for me. No competing, no stressing.

A trip to the zoo

At the last meetup group meeting, I asked what the members would like to do for upcoming events. Several were mentioned that required more than just an hour or two on a weeknight. So I thought about what weekend days might be available. Labor day was perfect. I put up a poll, got one response, so I made the final decision to go to the zoo. We were to meet at the carousel at 10:15.

I left to catch the train. I ran into a neighbor with two big dogs who were intent on meeting me. They were so friendly and wanted to join me, but I told them that dogs aren’t allowed on the train or in the zoo.

I continued on and saw a man coming out of his house with pants the same color green as the house. I decided to not say anything.As I was walking to the zoo entrance, a man pushing a stroller started singing Beast of Burden. I asked if he was going for the zoo theme and thanked him for the giggle.I got to hear a couple argue about who forgot the baby’s sweater. It brought back memories of when my kids were small.I went to the meeting location, and no one showed up, as expected. I got another chuckle as a small child told his dad he wanted to pet the choo choo.

I am wondering what this is.  Maybe part of the old Fleishacker’s pool?

I had no idea that the zoo is 90 years old.

The translation of the zooetta stone.

They finally enclosed the flamingos.  I was always nervous about small children falling in.

I made a video of the fairy gardens.

I still haven’t figured out who Eugene Friend is.

I had to watch the carousel rotate.

They have posted the schedule and map instead of using paper ones.  Wonderful!

Watching the Grizzlies eat.

They were cleaning the pool when I arrived.

The anteater never made an appearance.I talked to the zookeeper for the wolverines. She told me to go watch the fishing cat. I took a video of it hunting, but the video didn’t process.

I did catch feeding time for the otters, though.

I got to the otter enclosure as they were being fed.I went to sit near the penguin enclose enclosure to wait for my children. They brought me a zoo key.We stopped to eat lunch before they saw any animals.

My lunch was a Thai noodle bowl. Not much flavor.

From here on out, the photos are jumbled.


We spent a long time watching the lemurs playing and lounging.

I remember getting fish to feed to the sea lions when I was a child.

There’s always a Darwin awards sign somewhere.

More lemur photos.


I got my zoo key and I need a manicure.

No rhino in sight.

That’s a hippo, under water.

The last Doggie Diner head.

I was surprised to find chickens in the yard of a zoo neighbor.

It was a fun exhausting day.  I made 12,000 steps on my fitbit without trying very hard.

Adjusting the goal

According to my Goodreads account, I have completed 60 of my 75 books for my annual goal.  I went and counted and I have read 15 children’s books so far this year.  I wasn’t expecting to read that many when I set the goal.  Adding the 15 to my originally planned 75 books would make the count 90, so I’ll be changing the goal to 100.  It shows that I am 24 books ahead, so I’ll be ok, I think.

Changing the goal to 100 makes me only 12 books ahead of schedule.  Still well above where I thought I’d be.

Prepping for the swim

I am currently charging my swimming mp3 player. My towels and swimsuit are drying. I sync’d my Garmin watch to the app, so it’s empty. I have most of my change of clothes packed. Once I put the clothes, towels and music into the swimming bag, I’ll be all set. Except, I forgot soap in my shower bag. One day, I’ll get to the gym with everything I need. Today wasn’t that day. Maybe it’ll be tomorrow?