July 2019 best sellers, per City Lights Bookstore

I have two of these, heard of two more.  I will have to look up the rest.
Bestsellers for the Month of July
Hardcover (Adult & Children’s)
1. Little Boy: A Novel by Lawrence Ferlinghetti (Doubleday)
2. On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous: A Novel by Ocean Vuong (The Penguin Press)
3. The Nickel Boys: A Novel by Colson Whitehead (Doubleday)
4. Mr. Know-It-All: The Tarnished Wisdom of a Filth Elder by John Waters (Farrar, Straus and Giroux)
5. Grumpy Monkey by Suzanne Lang, illustrated by Max Lang (Random House)
6. The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How they Communicate––Discoveries from a Secret World by Peter Wohlleben, translated by Jane Billinghurst (Greystone)
7. Normal People: A Novel by Sally Rooney (Hogarth)
9. The Order of Time by Carlo Rovelli, translated by Erica Serge and Simon Carnell (Riverhead)
10. The Uninhabitable Earth: Life After Warming by David Wallace-Wells (Tim Duggan)
1. The Grave on the Wall by Brandon Shimoda (City Lights)
2. There There: A Novel by Tommy Orange (Vintage)
3. The Sympathizer: A Novel by Viet Thanh Nguyen (Grove)
4. The Overstory: A Novel by Richard Powers (Norton)
5. Conversations with Friends: A Novel by Sally Rooney (Hogarth)
6. Deer Trails: San Francisco Poet Laureate Series No. 7 by Kim Shuck (City Lights Foundation)
7. The Immortalists: A Novel by Chloe Benjamin (G.P. Putnam’s Sons)
8. In the Distance by Hernan Diaz (Coffee House)
9. Bad Feminist: Essays by Roxane Gay (Harper Perennial)
10. Found Audio by N.J. Campbell (Two Dollar Radio)

Afternoon dinner

Several months ago, my daughter chose a restaurant for her birthday dinner.  Her friends rejected the idea, since it was a seafood restaurant.  I promised her that we’d go sometime when there were fewer of us, since it was on the expensive side.

As I was leaving work on Monday, I realized that it was just my daughter and me home for dinner, so I suggested that we go to the restaurant.  They started us with edamame.

It was early in the day.  I didn’t realize until after we’d been seated that happy hour didn’t start for another half hour.  We decided to just go for it, since we weren’t expecting it, anyhow.  I had blood orange margarita and my daughter had a Thai iced tea.

We ordered calamari and brussel sprouts as appetizers.

I had the fish tacos with the salad, and my daughter had the special plate with a filet, crab cake and coconut shrimp.  She had fries and coleslaw with it.

We went to the bookstore across the street, Green Apple Books on the Park.  I figured it was perfect timing, since we were there.  My meetup group will be going for a book signing in a few weeks, so it worked out well.   There is no restroom there, but there is a reading room.   Huh.  I bought nothing for myself, but I got a book for my daughter.

We were going to go for ice cream, but we were kind of tired by the time we finished at the bookstore, so we headed home.  We were home in time to get the garbage out before dark and then to relax the rest of the evening.

Discount movie and book signing

I don’t know what’s going on with the font in this posting, but I tried to fix it.  I gave up after fifteen minutes.

I went to discount movie Tuesday to see Yesterday. It was a cute movie.  

Unfortunately, there was a shooting at the mall, and my friends started calling and texting me in the middle of the movie to make sure my family and I were ok. I had no idea what was going on at this point. I figured it out and acknowledged that everyone was ok.

After the movie, I got dropped off at the Barbara Bourland with Colin Winnette / Fake Like Me event at The Booksmith.


I really enjoyed the talk.  The book sounds wonderful.  I bought it.  I went to have it signed and the author looked at me and declared that she knows me, but doesn’t know from where.  I don’t this so.  She looked a lot like a friend of mine.  She said I looked just like her friend’s mom.  It was an interesting interaction.  She spelled my name right the first time.  Just like Amber Tamblin.

I texted my daughter and her friend to pick me up.  They arrived about ten minutes after I expected them to, but it was a beautiful night.  I should have started the book, but I was chatting with friends online, so I was entertained.


$5 Tuesday

A few of the movie theaters near me do discounted tickets on Tuesdays.  I have been taking advantage of it, since I am on break from school.

I have seen Aladdin, Godzilla, Rocketman, MIB, The Last Black Man in San Francisco, Late Night.  I can’t remember all of them I’ve seen so far, but for $5, it was worth the money.  The theaters are packed.  They are good movies that play.

The only downside is that the theater is right by the bookstore.  I preordered a book on Monday, expecting it to be in on Tuesday.  Nope.  Not until Wednesday.  Darn.  I had to go poke around the bookstore anyhow, and bought another book.

It is also near the library, but I didn’t go in there last night.

I have to get the books read so I have room for new ones.  I have started a new book stack on the other side of the bed.  It’s mostly library books, but my own books are leaking in.  I will get to them!