Murphy’s law of choosing a book club book

For classics book club, we make suggestions for the next month, and when we get ten, we put it to the group to vote on. The last few months, I have been suggesting books that I already own. I figure that way I can tackle the stack of books while reading the book club books.

This sounded like a good idea, until I took a look at the nominated books.  RebeccaThe AwakeningDr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  All at the bottom of the stack.  The Awakening won.  I have until early January to dig it out and finish reading it.

Bookclub 11/23

I had my online bookclub today. I had problems with my laptop microphone, so I ended up leaving the house and heading toward the gym to get a head start. We discussed digging in.

We all liked it. Discussed and moved on. We chatted about everything buy books and chose the next book and the general date for discussion.

I was glad that the chosen book was erotic stories for Punjabi widows. I already own the book, and it’s part of the stack of paper books. One small problem… it was on the bottom of the stack. I decided that I’d deal with it when I got home.

I started a challenge with an online friend. Thirty minutes of exercise daily. So I headed to the gym.

I had made it out the door, into the car, through the book discussion, to the ATM, got coffee, and went to the gym. I left the gym after my workout and went to the grocery store since we’re having a second Thanksgiving dinner for leftovers tomorrow. As I was pushing the cart, I felt something weird inside my tshirt. In the middle of the grocery store, I reached in and pulled out a sock. At least it reminded me that I needed drier sheets?

I got home, unpacked the groceries, and decided that I should unbury the book while I was thinking about it, and while I had energy. I managed to wiggle it free from the stack with only moving it and two other books. Nothing toppled into my head. Thankfully. I opened the book to find that its print is so tiny that I may need a magnifying glass.

I started the book for sci fi bookclub that’s due on the 2nd. I am on track to finish it on time.

Campus is closed until Monday

I was all set to go to class tonight. I upped my steps on my Fitbit in preparation for it. Then I got a text telling me that there’s no class. There are no classes after 4 pm because of the air quality.

I ran to the post office to send off my copy of Night to a friend who wanted to read it. And picked up my mail.

I stopped in at the library near the post office because there is a little free library there and there’s a clean bathroom there. I found out that the little free library near the library only takes children’s books. Mine wasn’t a child’s book. I saw a friend there and chatted for a few minutes until I had to admit to her that I didn’t come in to visit with her. She invited me to my daughter’s dance performance tomorrow. Thankfully I knew about it before she said anything. Sometimes they forget to tell me.

I drove to the library near home to pick up the books that were on hold. I had tried to pick them up a few times, but the library had been closed because of the air quality.

I looked up the location of another little free library, but they weren’t near where I was. I will wait.

I went home and did laundry and dishes. I took out the garbage, recycling and compost. I talked to the neighbor who offered his recycle bin for any overflow we might have. It was too smoky to stay out and chat, though.

I ended up getting into pjs early, reading a bit and talking to an online friend. I am still going to attempt to finish a book tonight since there’s less than an hour left, according to my oasis.

Finish two before adding one

My goodreads “currently reading” list is long. Yes, I really am reading all of those books. I am working on each of them for different reasons. Book club, group challenge, just because I’m enjoying the book, an audiobook for the car, etc.

I will update the books as I make progress in them.  Sometimes it feels like it’s a page at a time, but it’s forward progress, so it counts.

Now that I am getting almost caught up on my annual challenge, I am finishing several books a week, mostly because I have so many that I am well into.

I am still adding to the “currently reading” list, because of bookclub books, and group challenges for Goodreads, but I am trying to not start anything new unless it’s necessary.  My new rule of thumb is to finish 2 before starting a new one.  It’s a little difficult with the new challenges coming up, and when it’s an audiobook I finish, there’s an audiobook to start right away.  I will try to pare it down, and hopefully, I’ll get the majority of the books I have started into the “read” list, soon.

I am staying in pjs today

Because of the air quality, school was cancelled. With school being cancelled, my field trip today was cancelled, too. I am disappointed, but that’s going to give me a lazy day. I especially need it because I work Sunday this week.

I decided that I needed to read the book for tomorrow’s bookclub. It was in my bag. So, I went to pull it out and decided that I had too much stuff in my bag. I cleaned out my bag. I also started looking through The Book of Books. I bookmarked the books I’ve read, and the books I own but haven’t read, and the books that I still need to get my hands on. I stalled on the fifty shades of grey series, because I am not planning on picking them up again. I decided to not mark them at all.

I managed to get brunch into me. And emptied and loaded the dishwasher. And read part of tomorrow’s bookclub book. And got several things watched and deleted from the DVR.

I was a cat bed when I finished my book for bookclub tomorrow, and wrote its review. I was reminded about the Vegas bookclub book which is due Friday, and asked to catch up on my buddy read. The book for bookclub was a paper book, so I made arrangements to pass it on to a friend after bookclub is over.

I will be making progress on the Vegas bookclub today, and then I’ll cook some dinner. That’s as productive as I am getting today.