10 famous Book hoarders

I really enjoyed this article about book hoarders.  Some hit home more than others, but they all look wonderful

I remember going on a tour of Hearst castle and wondering how I could get to spend more time in the room with all of the books.  I also wanted to spend time in both of the pools, but I found out how I can do that.  ($$)  I never did find out about the library there.

Since George Lucas is semi near me, I wish that I could spend time browsing his library, too.

All of these people had wonderful collections.  I mostly collect paperbacks, but about a third of mine are hardbacks.  Nothing expensive.  The majority of mine are on Kindle, though.  I suppose that counts as a collection of some type, but most people won’t be browsing through there.




Book avalanche

I got up after playing with the Nintendo Switch. I had put my phone and the controller down next to the book stack. As I left the room, I heard a noise. I knew exactly what it was before I even looked. The book stack had fallen over.  I came back into the room and my pillow and the part of the bed where I sit were covered in books.  I had to restack them so that they aren’t so wobbly.  I seriously need to start reading them instead of adding to them.

Online book groups

I am in several online book groups. I get many book recommendations from there and a lot of giggles. Many are unintentional giggles.

One woman was asking for recommendations to help her to her goal of 30 books. She wanted to read 12 contemporary and 12 classic books to make her 30. Well, I guess it’s good that she’s a reader and not a math student.

“Where do you get bookmarks? I usually use a drier sheet.” Where do you find books? You can usually get them at the same place. Come to think of it, they generally sell suitable bookmarks where you can buy drier sheets.

I also get and give book recommendations from these groups. They make my to be read list longer and longer, but I’ve read some wonderful things that I normally wouldn’t have picked up without the recommendation.

Reader’s block

Sometimes, I just don’t know where to start. I have time to read. I have plenty of reading material. I just can’t decide.

I have my Kindles full of books. Never a shortage, even if I don’t have the Kindle that I want, whichever one I have has something on it that’s worth reading.

I have a big stack of books to choose from. Sometimes nothing looks appealing. Sometimes they all look appealing and I can’t decide where to start.

I always have several books started. Sometimes, I’m slow at picking one up again. I simply can’t decide.

Sometimes, it’s that I’m too tired. Sometimes, it’s that I’m too overwhelmed. Sometimes, I’m just too busy. And, mostly, it’s just that the decision isn’t being made.

If someone picked one for me when I’m in the middle of reader’s block, I still wouldn’t feel like reading it. It just happens sometimes. Like writer’s block, you just have work your way through it and read something. Facebook articles don’t count. Sorry.