What are you reading Wednesday #1


I am always reading multiple books at a time.  Here are the books I plan on finishing this week:

The Perfect Couple I plan on finishing this for both of my group challenges this week.

Educated I plan on reading this for my Vegas book club.  We all hated the previous book, so we changed mid month.

Google Your Husband Back  I am reading this one just for fun, but I am sure it will fit into my group challenges somewhere.


Missing class and bookclub

I haven’t bounced back from my Vegas trip.  On Wednesday, I was supposed to go to book club to discuss America for Beginners, by Leah Franqui, but I just couldn’t get myself to go.  I was also supposed to go to PE class, but had zero energy.  I ended up napping for 2 hours, then getting up to eat dinner, and went right back to sleep.

I managed to get through work, but nothing else managed to happen.  I have my list that I’m working my way through.  Slowly.

January 2019

I think I am going to try to finish some halfway finished books in the month of January 2019.

Their eyes were watching God Started but not finished for book club over the summer.

Holiday princess overdue library book

The Affliction  Written by a coworker.  I want to get a review up sooner than later.

Curse of the Lord of darkness The first book I received to read and review.  Haven’t read it yet, so I need to review it.


Online book groups

I am in several online book groups. I get many book recommendations from there and a lot of giggles. Many are unintentional giggles.

One woman was asking for recommendations to help her to her goal of 30 books. She wanted to read 12 contemporary and 12 classic books to make her 30. Well, I guess it’s good that she’s a reader and not a math student.

“Where do you get bookmarks? I usually use a drier sheet.” Where do you find books? You can usually get them at the same place. Come to think of it, they generally sell suitable bookmarks where you can buy drier sheets.

I also get and give book recommendations from these groups. They make my to be read list longer and longer, but I’ve read some wonderful things that I normally wouldn’t have picked up without the recommendation.

Single digits

9 more books to go! Single digits!

I have approximately 23 days to finish them. I think I can manage.

I have several books almost halfway done. If I concentrate on those, I think I can knock several it without much effort.

I have a small book due for bookclub on January 6. I’ve already read the book for bookclub at the end of January, and the one for the end of December. I finished the goodreads group challenge. The rest of the books are for fun, I think. The only deadline I have is December 31. Unless something comes up.

Two headaches

I went out last night. I didn’t drink too much. I didn’t stay out too late. I just was out later than usual, with my less than typically busy schedule. I slept right away when I got home.

I was woken up by a headache at 4:45 am. I remember thinking that I had two headaches. It hurt that much. I took Tylenol since I could tell it wasn’t a migraine. I went back to sleep once I could close my eyes again.

I woke up again around 8. I tried to read a bit, but it wasn’t going to happen. I took Advil to see if the residual headache went away, but it lingered.

I managed to sleep on and off. A two hour nap and a three hour nap, according to my fitbit. I believe it.

I woke up long enough to message the bookclub that I wouldn’t be making it unless they heard otherwise. I hadn’t been able to finish the book, anyhow, because of the headache. I couldn’t even listen to one.

Now, it’s bedtime and the question is, will I be able to sleep?