A Broken Gas Station

On the way to Las Vegas, we went to a gas station that had several out of order pumps. I pulled into one that didn’t have an out of order sign on it. The card reader had a note on it that said I needed to pay inside. Fine.

I moved to another pump. Same thing. Ok. I’ll go inside. The sign said, “door broken. Use other door.” Under that was “now hiring. Technician.” Let’s hope the technician can fix pumps, card readers, and doors.

Road Trip!

A friend and I drove to Las Vegas. We didn’t really have a timeline, so we drove until we needed to pee, needed gas, were hungry, or saw something interesting. It took longer than anticipated, but there was no stress because no one needed to be anywhere by a certain time.

I’ll be posting more about the trip over the next few days.

Hot Chocolate Run 2020

This morning, I did my first 5k since my foot surgery. I have been having lung trouble since the beginning of the year, so I was uncertain about going and my ability to finish.

It was the first 5k for my daughter, too. We took it very slow.

We walked it, but we finished. It was the slowest pace of my life.

We did get our hot chocolate and medals at the end.

Winterfest 2019

The amusement park near us has a winter themed event every year. They light up the trees and poles and have photo op places all along the walkway. They have shows and winter themed characters walking around greeting the children. My sister and I took her children during Christmas week.

We went to dinner first at a Thai place. It was delicious. The kids were reasonably well behaved. The man at the next table was not. Why is it that the more boring the story, the louder the volume? He had a ton of stories. Each one more boring than the previous one.

We moved on to the park itself. It was beautiful, but cold. The lines for the rides were long and it was dark so we could see the lights better. We informed the kids that there would be no riding rides that night. They were happy to run around.

We did see a show that the kids sat through. They mostly enjoyed it. I enjoyed being inside where it was warmer.

After several rounds of photo taking, we headed home. I was home way past bedtime, but it was a fun outing. Hopefully we can do it again next year.