Las Vegas

There are drink holders in the bathroom stalls at the Binion. The bus runs from Fremont Street to the strip.  It’s much cheaper than taking a cab or Uber. They had milkshake and alcohol options.   We also got cheese curds and fries. Boozy milkshakes. They do fake weddings here.  It was on the way to the karaoke place. This was essentially Hennessy and cranberry. After karaoke, we wandered off to the piano bar.  He wasn’t bad, but he wasn’t good, either. The MLK day parade ran right by our hotel.

Turquoise and Alpaca

We stopped on the way to the Grand Canyon at a gift shop that sold all kinds of turquoise and alpaca items.  The main reason we stopped was because of the sign advertising the clean restrooms.

It was a cute shop and the person running it was very informative and friendly.  If you ever find yourself between the grand Canyon and Vegas, make sure you stop.

Random spot in the desert

We stopped here because it was a beautiful spot to stop.  The Joshua trees were abundant and everything else is just gorgeous about it, other than the street signs and road. This is a second spot in the desert.  We stopped because it was a scenic outlook.  I am uncertain about why there’s a random pickle out there.  Someone knows, I’m sure.

A Broken Gas Station

On the way to Las Vegas, we went to a gas station that had several out of order pumps. I pulled into one that didn’t have an out of order sign on it. The card reader had a note on it that said I needed to pay inside. Fine.

I moved to another pump. Same thing. Ok. I’ll go inside. The sign said, “door broken. Use other door.” Under that was “now hiring. Technician.” Let’s hope the technician can fix pumps, card readers, and doors.