My moms birthday just passed on the first day of spring. If their is one thing that she enjoys its good food.

She decided let’s go out for seafood naturally I agreed so did my dad since he doesn’t care. FYI since my parents are older they do less cooking it’s only the two of them so why bother? Right?

We went out Saturday night to this well known family owned restaurant not far from us. Needless to say it was packed! I truly believe no one cooks on the weekends?

Mom ordered New England Clam chowder to start along with muscles in red sauce. My dad and I both ordered flounder we were not disappointed

The Weekend

What a crazy holiday weekend that just passed! I work F/T & P/T in my field and drive for Uber and Lyft on the side.

At this point you can guess that yes it was extremely busy which I enjoy. I’m from the East Coast so no I don’t have any passenger problems besides the fact that I can handle myself.

I do feel like a taxi cab driver sometimes hearing of all the stories that I’m told. Getting an idea yet?

Needless to say I ended up on top of my nights and some extra money in my pocket! Thank you to everyone who was responsible this weekend!


My good friend asked me to write whenever I could. Here goes…

This weekend was hectic to say the least I work F/T and P/T and I drive on the side so I eat out more than I should.

This weekend with the holiday was not easy trying to stay on track but somehow I did manage to eat somewhat healthy.

Friday night I was out working until it started downpouring. I called it my last ride at this point since I had to be at work Saturday morning which left me a bowl of cereal nothing exciting.


Happy Friday to everyone!

I’ve been waiting for this weekend and finally it’s here. I’m meeting friends on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon.

I’m positive we will get something to eat since we all love food. Now I get to think of food and something to wash it down with? Beer, wine, or mixed drinks? Guess it depends on what we order?

This is how I know I’m getting older since I have this love affair with food.

What can I say? At least it’s harmless, right?

Have a happy weekend!


Hi my dear friend asked me to write while she’s unable to do so. As I kindly reminded her I’m not much of a writer but here goes…

If there is one subject I don’t mind trying to write about its food. What can I say we have an outstanding love affair.

The other day I decided to wash my comforter since I bought a new bed in a bag. This was my excuse to treat myself to a late lunch or early dinner since I had to go to the laundromat. Mind you I can’t cook to save my life.

I tried Tortellini Alfredo with mushrooms need I say more? It’s all in the sauce right? This is my new favorite dish for many reasons. First the Alfredo was excellent not to thin or thick. Second the tortellini was al dente not over cooked or under cooked. Not to mention I resisted dessert considering I just gained 10 lbs.

Thank you comforter!

Favorite book series to movie

Once again I’m no journalist just trying this out for a friend so here it goes.

We had discussed a few topics to possible write about so I decided to go with this? Favorite book to movie.

The lord of The Rings :

I absolutely loved reading this series from one book to the next I was captivated! Not only was I envisioning the scenery detail for detail I found myself wanting more.

Needless to say I went from book to book waiting for my next adventure. When they movies came out I was able to relive my adventures on the big screen.

I was completely satisfied with the conversion from book to screen. The attention to detail was amazing to see in the scenery and costumes. I felt an immediate connection between book and screen.


My friend asked me if I wanted to blog, sure why not learning experience right? I have no idea what made her ask me though? Nonetheless I’ll give it go! Thanks B

I woke up this am sick as a dog, literally out of nowhere. But I’m back at the gym of course News Years Resolution I must go for fear of loosing momentum. Right or wrong I have no clue? I had a great workout always start with the treadmill did I happen to mention how much I despise cardio? Regardless I’m sweating good start! Onto legs. By the time I’m done exhaustion hits must get meds, tea and food.

I walk in the door ready to inhale some food of course that’s not happening, dog needs a walk. No sense in getting undressed since it’s raining out and he needs his coat to. Naturally the rain picks up causing us both to get soaked what a surprise. Finally after another 30 minutes food, tea and shower! I must take meds and nap. Mission accomplished.