It’s Saturday night I’m killing time since my original plans had changed. Dinner sounds like a good idea.

I decide on a local diner so I can indulge in a turkey burger (no bun) I’m feeling fat! Did I mention I had two not one but two slices of pizza for lunch today? Need I say more?

First up homemade chicken and rice soup it’s delicious this diner is known for the soups it shows.

Next my burger that I’m ready to destroy.

Now that plate doesn’t look appetizing but I assure it’s perfect and since I’m not eating the bun I don’t feel guilty!


Here are a few videos of the play The Rocky Horror Picture Show that we went to see last Sunday.

These were taken at the end of the show with the audience. The show was hysterical as usual the cast was entertaining and nothing uneventful happened. Success.


What can I say I’m extremely excited that my good friend B is coming to my town on a short unexpected visit.

She’s never been to Philadelphia Pennsylvania and I hope that I don’t disappoint her and get all of the sites in that she’s hoping to explore.

What I can tell you is that our food is amazing no matter what part of town you’re exploring. Philly soft pretzels need I say more? Philly cheesesteaks with wiz should I go on?

I can’t wait to see the reaction on my friends face as she also tries Buttercake! Truly a nice different type of surprise.

See you in a few B!


My moms birthday just passed on the first day of spring. If their is one thing that she enjoys its good food.

She decided let’s go out for seafood naturally I agreed so did my dad since he doesn’t care. FYI since my parents are older they do less cooking it’s only the two of them so why bother? Right?

We went out Saturday night to this well known family owned restaurant not far from us. Needless to say it was packed! I truly believe no one cooks on the weekends?

Mom ordered New England Clam chowder to start along with muscles in red sauce. My dad and I both ordered flounder we were not disappointed

The Weekend

What a crazy holiday weekend that just passed! I work F/T & P/T in my field and drive for Uber and Lyft on the side.

At this point you can guess that yes it was extremely busy which I enjoy. I’m from the East Coast so no I don’t have any passenger problems besides the fact that I can handle myself.

I do feel like a taxi cab driver sometimes hearing of all the stories that I’m told. Getting an idea yet?

Needless to say I ended up on top of my nights and some extra money in my pocket! Thank you to everyone who was responsible this weekend!


My good friend asked me to write whenever I could. Here goes…

This weekend was hectic to say the least I work F/T and P/T and I drive on the side so I eat out more than I should.

This weekend with the holiday was not easy trying to stay on track but somehow I did manage to eat somewhat healthy.

Friday night I was out working until it started downpouring. I called it my last ride at this point since I had to be at work Saturday morning which left me a bowl of cereal nothing exciting.