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Tiffany Wanders

In one of my reading groups, I saw a question about the Kindle in the UK. I tried to answer it, but I realized that the answer was different for UK Kindle users than in the US. I didn’t answer the question, but I found that another blogger did. Her answer linked back to her blog post from August, 2018.

She is a Filipino woman living in the UK. Her adventures are fun to read. I plan on following the blog for a while, just to see what the differences between the US and the UK are. I’ve linked the blog’s URL above.

Dropping the keys

I was leaving the house one morning and I had my hands full. I had my purse, my car keys, my phone, and a coffee grinder that I borrowed from a friend. I did not put the small items in my purse because they were going to be used in the car, so there wasn’t a point. The coffee grinder didn’t fit in my purse, but, don’t worry, I was not planning on using it in the car.

I picked up my house keys. I dropped my car keys. Ok, fine. At least it wasn’t my phone. I took about 5 steps while trying to put the house keys in my purse. Down went the car keys again. At least it wasn’t the borrowed coffee grinder. I opened the door to leave. The car keys were on the ground again. Did someone oil them today?

I managed to get to the car without anymore incidents. I called a friend during my drive and told her about the dropping of the keys. Basically, the response was to tell me to take a deep breath and the day would get better. Ok. I can do that. Breathe in. Breathe out.

I parked at work. I took the keys out of the ignition and dropped them on the floor of the car, between my feet.

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage month

Today is the first day of Asian American and Pacific Islander heritage month. I would not have known, other than the fact that it showed up on my Google calendar. May gets to host.

I think we need a little more advertising on this one. I haven’t read too many books by these authors, but I think it’s time I tracked them. The first step to awareness is paying attention.

A Strange Week

This week started out with a full schedule. I had work, school, meetings, and a CPR class to shove into the week. It made me crazy just looking at the schedule.

Once I got through Monday, Tuesday didn’t look much better, but my approach to it was better. I decided that I was going to entertain myself. I have a few patients who are a little goofy, but harmless. We have music playing in the room. As I was going in to help a patient off the table and back out of the room, Rhinestone Cowboy was just coming to the chorus. I asked the patient if she was ready, she looked at me and said, “really?” I nodded. We both broke into song as the chorus started. I did note that my coworkers were not in the room. They don’t always appreciate my off key singing, especially loud enough for others to hear clearly.

Another patient decided that she would serenade my coworker and I. This one was rather unusual, too.

To add to the weirdness that is this week – the checker at the grocery store asked how I was, so I answered and asked how she was. “Well, I would be better if my ex would pay his child support. He sent the kids $100 each for Christmas and is trying to tell the courts that it was his payments for the last 6 years. I tried to call during my break and spent the whole time on hold. I finally got a hold of someone, and she said, ‘oh, they weren’t supposed to transfer you to me. I’m on my break. ‘ and then she hung up.” She then continued to tell me about what a jerk her ex is and how much he owes her and it is for his own kids and he’s not going to get away with it. Then she started bagging strange stuff together as she muttered.

Wow. I was expecting her to say that she was OK, or fine. Or along those lines. I hope she gets it straightened out.

I decided to just do what was on my schedule on Friday. Nothing new. I needed the rest and reset. Today will be better.

Child actors

All grown up

The above linked article shows child actors that are not necessarily recognizable now that they have all grown up.

In Kid 90, Soliel Moon Frye tells some of the stories of the kids that grew up with her.

Here are a few of the child stars that I thought that I wouldn’t recognize if I passed them on the street, based on their childhood photos. These three, though, do enough work as adults that they are in the spotlight enough to be recognizable.

While I wouldn’t recognize Raven-Symone from when she was a child, I see her often enough that I would know who she was.

The same goes for Ron Howard. He’s all over the place as an adult. I am surprised that they didn’t use his photo from the Andy Griffith show, since that change would be more dramatic.

I absolutely adore Mayim Bialik as an adult. I loved her in Big Bang Theory, and now in Call Me Kat. As a child, in Blossom, not so thrilled, but in Beaches, she was great. I am surprised they didn’t let her sing in the movie.

My Mum Is A Loser by Jim Smith

My Mum Is A Loser
 by Jim Smith
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I grabbed this book because it was a freebie on Amazon. I read it quickly, since it was short. It was about an awful behaving child who was acting up, and the only part that I really liked about the book was that the mother didn’t give in to the bad behavior. The illustrations are ok, and some of the descriptions were definitely written for pre-teen boys. It definitely isn’t a book I will read again.

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My Mum Is A Loser

Dance to the Muszac

I have a knack for finding the interesting people wherever I go. I went to the grocery store and was standing at the deli, waiting my turn. The woman who was being helped had the cutest shoes on. I complimented her. I got the longest response that I have received in a long time. “Thank you so much! They are Danskins so they are supposed to last at least ten years. They are very comfortable and I keep getting them painted by the cobbler who says they show no signs of breaking down any time soon and they are 7 years old. I had no idea that they would look this good when they are this old.” Wow. I think that she hasn’t spoken to anyone in a while.

I had an uneventful trip around the store, filling up the cart. No one in my way. No one doing anything that annoyed me. Nothing. Phew.

I got to the point where I was trying to choose a checkout line. A man was trying to do the same thing. He was entertaining himself while he did the deciding. He was dancing the cha-cha to the music playing overhead. In normal times, I would have cut in and joined him, but it’s not easy to be lead from 6 feet away. I smiled at him, but he couldn’t tell because of my mask, I am sure. He suggested that I take lane 6, and he’d take lane 4. Worked for me!

I miss dancing with random people in the grocery store. Or Starbucks. Or the mall.

Is It Worth Reading?

Is it worth reading?

I tend to recall what I read. I may not remember the author’s name or the exact title of the book, but I can remember general plots and with a few reminders, I’ll get it all.

The author of the above linked article is not the same type of reader that I am. She forgets it soon after she reads it and is musing about whether or not she should even bother to read if she is going to forget anyhow.

I think that I would read even if I forgot the plot. Losing myself in the words of someone else for a while is a great stress reliever. Even if I can’t recall the details, I have been lost in the book and I think that’s worth it.

I know that the article’s author feels the same way – that it is worth reading – but her reasons are different than mine. Her reasons are no less valid than mine. It’s definitely worth reading.

Getting Back to Adventures!

As you may have noticed, I have been writing more about my adventures. They aren’t as exciting or interesting as the adventures that I had before the pandemic, but they are adventures. I have noticed that people aren’t as nervous about talking to other people. I have had conversations in the grocery store, and that hasn’t happened in over a year, it seems.

I still avoid chatting with people at the post office, but that’s nothing new. Run in, run out. That’s the perfect trip to the post office.

I have gone to restaurants and that’s been a little strange. At what point do you take off your mask and put on your mask. It’s like an added mini cardio workout. Mask on, mask off.

I suppose that the trips to the gym would be more social than they were when the pandemic first started, but, because I am swimming, it’s not so social. Perfect for swimmers. I did have that first trip to the pool when the one person per lane was too difficult to understand for some people. That was unusual, but certainly an adventure.

As things open up more and more, I hope to be posting more and more adventures. At least I am getting going again.