Who was Marsha P. Johnson?

Who was Marsha P. Johnson?

According to the above linked article, Marsha was instrumental in the Stonewall Riots which eventually brought us the Pride movement, bringing rights to LGBT people in the United States. The article is interesting and tells a lot about Marsha’s life, even though much of it was difficult. She was a black, trans sex worker whose death was by questionable circumstances.

The Marsha P. Johnson Institute was formed, helping defend the rights of black trans people.

Stonewall Inn, New York

Summer Semester

I realized that financial aid might cover my summer semester, so I looked into it and found that it does! So, I signed up for 2 classes that were different enough that I wouldn’t get confused. Then, I found out how much financial aid would cover, and that there are multiple start dates for summer classes. So, I am taking 9 units over the summer.

The problem is, the classes are jammed into 5 or 8 week classes, so they go at a quick pace. I’m having no problem with the class that isn’t reading novels, but for one class, I am expected to keep up with reading 5 novels in 5 weeks. We are about to start week 4 of class. I have finished 3 of the novels, and almost half of the fourth novel. I see the light at the end of the tunnel!

For the second class, we are just starting week 2. I have week 2’s assignments completed and I have started on week 3’s assignments, plus the midterm project. It’s going along well, so far. I hope the pace stays about the same.

The third class doesn’t start until after the first one ends, so I won’t know how that goes until it goes.

Thems fighting words

I was listening to a conversation between friends and friends of the friends. One man started a story with “Back in the 70s, I went to the first Star Trek movie.” He was quickly interrupted with “Wait. Do you mean Star Wars or Star Trek?” His response? “There’s a difference?”

I thought that the man was going to be hurt by all the dirty looks he got. Is there a difference???? Yes, there is!