Taking myself to lunch

I was on my way to meet my daughter so we could wait together for her car to be finished. I called her and asked where she was. Bookstore. Did she want me to get her now, or after I grabbed lunch. “After lunch. I’m reading something.” Ok, then.So, I was weighing my lunch options. My phone rang. It was the shop. The car was ready. So, sorry, kiddo. Drop the book. We’re getting the car so we can move on to more fun things.

We got the car, she went home. I decided to go to Panera for lunch. I got my usual, French Onion soup with no croutons and Green Goddess Cobb with no tomatoes. They leave me alone there, and it’s not crowded, so I can read in peace.

As I was about to leave, I got a text from my daughter, who was already home. She needed Starbucks. So, I wandered off there, since it sounded good. I got one for my mom, too.I headed home to do the Monday night chores. Garbage, recycling, compost, litter box. All the fun things!

I finally got to relax a bit, and I got a helper.

Inky has most of my blankets, all of the cat beds, and my bag of library books. Good thing I have multiple books going, or I’d be annoyed. She was very comfortable, and then heard my daughter.  She decided to go see what my daughter was doing, since it was more interesting than what I was doing – allowing her to nap.

My daughter asked me to cook dinner.  When I got up, Inky stayed in place, since I never do anything interesting to a cat, apparently.

I was told exactly what to cook, and it took a while.  I came back into my room, and found this.

Mini is on the other half of the blankets, watching my bag with my Kindle in it, and laying on the towel that I put out for the cats, to keep cat hair off the bed.  At least she kinda follows instructions.  She is lying next to Inky, so I don’t have room to get on my bed without moving a cat.  I briefly considered vacuuming to move them quickly, but it wasn’t on today’s agenda.

At least it’s time to really relax now.

Car repairs

I don’t know why, but all of the cars seem to need attention all at once.  I needed an oil change last week.  My younger daughter took her car in for an oil change last week, and found out that she needs her brakes done.  Ok.  Made an appointment for that.  My younger daughter drove my older daughter’s car and determined that her brakes needed to be looked at.

My oil change went smoothly.  My younger daughter got everything done smoothly, although it was more expensive than anticipated.

My older daughter’s car is in the shop currently.  Yes, she needed front brakes.  Yes, rear brakes need attention soon.  Might as well get it all done at once.

I still have a flat tire on the car that I don’t drive, but because everything else is more pressing, it will have to wait.  All at once.  But, they are getting taken care of.

The Best Summer Books of 2019

The Best Summer Books of 2019 is part of the List of lists.  Here are the books listed in this list.  Duplicated from the other lists.  I liked that one of them assures us that the dog doesn’t die.

1. Orange World and Other Stories, by Karen Russell (out now)

2. Biloxi, by Mary Miller (out now)

3. Disappearing Earth, by Julia Phillips (out now)

4. Searching for Sylvie Lee, by Jean Kwok (June 4)

5. More News Tomorrow, by Susan Richards Shreve (June 4)

6. Fall; or, Dodge in Hell, by Neal Stephenson (June 4)

7. Are We There Yet?: The American Automobile Past, Present, and Driverless, by Dan Albert (June 11)

8. The Yellow House, by Sarah M. Broom (Aug. 13)

9. Inland, by Téa Obreht (Aug. 13)


What do you expect in a book review?

When I do my reviews, I pretty much rely on the 1-5 stars rating.  I do a brief writeup of what I liked and what I didn’t about the book.  I try very hard to not give spoilers.

I have seen reviews where the entire book is paraphrased.  Start to finish.  I hate these.

The books generally already have a short synopsis of the plot, written by the editor/publisher/etc.  I think that these sum up the books and the reviews don’t need to.  The review should be, “did you like it or not?” in my opinion.

What do you think a review should be?

Fantasy books that were _______ than the movies

fantasy books better than movies

The above linked article talks about fantasy books that were made into movies.  Some of the movies actually were better than the book, but some did the books a great disservice.  I loved the movie, The Princess Bride, for example.  The book was not as good.  The book seemed to drag along and never really get anywhere.

Some of these, I saw the movie, but didn’t read the book.  The Wizard of Oz.  The Lord of the Rings.

The article explains each of the movies vs books better, but I agree with the ones that I know.












Authors recommend books of summer

Books of summer is another list of summer books.  I love the way this one is written.  Authors recommend other authors’ books.  The above linked article tells more about each book and author.

‘Daisy Jones & the Six’ author Taylor Jenkins Reid recommends ‘The Bride Test’ by Helen Hoang

‘We Hunt the Flame’ author Hafsah Faizal recommends ‘Sorcery of Thorns’ by Margaret Rogerson

‘When We Left Cuba’ author Chanel Cleeton recommends ‘Park Avenue Summer’ by Renée Rosen

‘Let Me Hear a Rhyme’ author Tiffany D. Jackson recommends ‘With the Fire on High’ by Elizabeth Acevedo

‘Gods of Jade and Shadow’ author Silvia Moreno-Garcia recommends ‘The Summer of Ellen’ by Agnete Friis

‘Hope & Other Punchlines’ author Julie Buxbaum recommends ‘Field Notes on Love’ by Jennifer E. Smith

‘Necessary People’ author Anna Pitoniak recommends ‘The Dreamers’ by Karen Thompson Walker

‘Internment’ author Samira Ahmed recommends ‘Girl Gone Viral’ by Arvin Ahmadi

‘Natalie Tan’s Book of Luck and Fortune’ author Roselle Lim recommends ‘The Chai Factor’ by Farah Heron

‘Red, White & Royal Blue’ author Casey McQuiston recommends ‘Wilder Girls’ by Rory Power

‘Searching for Sylvie Lee’ author Jean Kwok recommends ‘Miracle Creek’ by Angie Kim

‘Love From A to Z’ author S.K. Ali recommends ‘The Candle and the Flame’ by Nafiza Azad

‘Sabrina & Corina’ author Kali Fajardo-Anstine recommends ‘Good Talk’ by Mira Jacob

‘If It Makes You Happy’ author Claire Kann recommends ‘Belly Up’ by Eva Darrows

‘Home Remedies’ author Xuan Juliana Wang recommends ‘Where Reasons End’ by Yiyun Li

‘The Liars of Mariposa Island’ author Jennifer Mathieu recommends ‘Like a Love Story’ by Abdi Nazemian

‘Long Live the Tribe of Fatherless Girls’ author T Kira Madden recommends ‘Black Light’ by Kimberly King Parsons

‘The Revolution of Birdie Randolph’ author Brandy Colbert recommends ‘Color Me In’ by Natasha Díaz

‘I Miss You When I Blink’ author Mary Laura Philpott recommends ‘City of Girls’ by Elizabeth Gilbert

‘Dealing in Dreams’ author Lilliam Rivera recommends ‘Five Midnights’ by Ann Dávila Cardinal