Marathon Writing Events

I joined SUAW (Shut Up and Write) a long time ago. I loved their events, since it was a way to keep me accountable to the task of writing. I used it to get homework done when I was in school and just to keep me on track with writing in general.

This week, I discovered Marathons. They are similar to the SUAW events, but they are 5 hours long. I got several book reviews written, and published a few posts that have been sitting in the draft folder, waiting to be continued. I also managed to get laundry done, a shower taken, Molly fed, coffee in me, etc, etc. All of it was ok. The Marathons are for accomplishing things. I got a lot accomplished, including finding a bagful of books to be sent to the little free libraries and a phone call to Xfinity, finding out why our equipment isn’t working as expected.

I find that having someone to be accountable to helps a lot. I didn’t make it to the gym, but I accomplished more than I hoped to get done.

3 thoughts on “Marathon Writing Events

  1. I’m so glad you found us– but I should correct the idea that the Marathons are not part of SUW– we formed a new group because our longer format doesn’t work with the SUW website. WE are the Online Creative Collective on Meetup now.
    It’s great that you find yourself to be productive in them, laundry and all!


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