Happy New Year, 2023

I knew that I was looking at a lazy long weekend, and I’m having trouble getting it out of my mind. It’s been raining hard, and it’s been cold. I just felt like hunkering down with a blanket, a dog, and books. I thought maybe I would go to a movie this weekend, but that requires me to get dressed and leave the house. I have managed to shower and change into clean pjs. I just can’t get motivated to do much more.

I cleaned a bunch of stuff until I filled the recycling bin. There were boxes and wrapping paper from Christmas gifts, so that took up a lot of room and stalled my cleaning. I’m still working on it, but not as fast.

I met my reading goal and then exceeded it. I stopped reading and decided I wouldn’t finish any books until after midnight. I managed to fall asleep long before midnight, but ended up rested for today. I slept through the time that I would have had to get up and dressed to go to a movie. Nothing caught my attention enough to motivate myself to go.

Because of the rain and cold, we’ve had trouble getting Molly, the dog to go out. She’s been uncomfortable and sluggish, but we know why. At 2am, she decided that she finally had to go out for real. She slept well after that and finally finished her dinner. She went out fine this morning, but hasn’t touched her breakfast.

I’ve worked on goals for 2023. I enlisted a friend to be a gym accountability partner. I have my checklists started. I plan on reading at least 130 books. I plan on posting on the blog daily. I will get into my smaller clothing again this year. I plan on swimming several times a week. I can do this!

I have mostly been reading digitally, but I have a lot of paper books. I plan to tackle the paper books this year. And passing them on, either to friends and family or to the little free libraries.

I have a lot lined up for 2023. I hope that I can manage a lot of it.

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