Doggie escape artist

We usually keep the door between the upstairs level and the downstairs level closed. Molly, the dog, usually stays upstairs with my daughters when one of them is home. Molly prefers to be downstairs with me, but I don’t always announce my arrival.

Molly has appeared randomly when she hears me coming home from work, but she usually has someone send her downstairs, because she’s afraid of partially open doors. She needs a door person to help her.

The other day, I got home from the grocery store and started unloading the groceries and emptying bags into their places in the kitchen. Molly appeared randomly to greet me. She then followed me around, helping me with everything I was doing. We settled down to finish up my homework for my last class.

About an hour passed and my daughter phoned me asking if I knew where Molly went. Yes, she’s sound asleep in the chair while I do homework. Molly snorted loudy to prove it. My daughters each thought the other one had Molly with her and they ran into each other and found no Molly. It took them an hour to realize she was missing. I told Molly she needs to let them know when she leaves next time. She responded with another snore and continued her nap.

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