Juggling a Lot

As you have probably figured out, I have a tendency to juggle a lot. Between work, school, and my own entertainment, I have a lot on my plate. This isn’t even counting my family commitments. Yes, I am scattered.

This week, I didn’t have school because of Thanksgiving. All of my instructors told me to take the full week off. They seem to have forgotten that when I return to school, I will be starting finals. My last set of finals!

I had been putting off getting my Covid booster and my shingles vaccination, since I had several months of busy weekends, and I wanted the time to recover if needed. I finally got it done yesterday. I woke up with a headache and I have been tired for most of the day, but otherwise, I seem to be ok.

When I woke up, I realized how much I had to do for school and around the house. I have a ton of reading and writing to do for classes, and I also have several films and videos to watch for the classes, too. I started making my oral todo list, then realized that I had too much to remember. Molly, the dog, was not great at being a secretary, so I eventually got up and wrote everything down. It doesn’t look like much on paper, but each of the projects will take me several hours.

I decided to stop ignoring the blog here for a moment, since I got a few tasks on the list done and needed a little break. Just a few more weeks of school and I should be done completely! I’m making progress, but it’s slow.

I have a few book reviews to finish writing and post here, so those should be coming up soon.

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