What this Blog Is Not

I constantly get emails asking if I need help in one way or another. People ask if I need help marketing my product, since it’s not obvious what I am selling on this blog. I get requests from people who want to redesign my website, since they don’t like the layout. I also get requests from people asking to help me write.

This blog is not selling anything. I started it to write up reviews since a few publishers had asked me if I wanted to review for them, but I needed a place to post the reviews. I tied it in to ramblings about my daily life and my adventures that happen when I wander out of my routine.

This blog is on WordPress, so I am limited to the formats that they have offered to me. I am grateful to them, since I couldn’t do it myself without putting huge amounts of effort and energy into each and every entry I post. I don’t need someone sniffing around into my private information.

This is a forum for my own work. I do have a couple of friends who write occasionally, but they are trusted friends and they have not posted in ages. I don’t mind having the occasional guest writer, but I, again, don’t need a stranger poking around in my information. If you are interested, I have no problem posting your work as your own, but I won’t pass it off as my own, and I won’t give you my own passwords.

Finally… as with most websites, apps, etc, THIS IS NOT A DATING SITE. Please swipe right or left on the appropriate apps, and leave me out of your personal information and requests for money.


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