Adjustable bed controls

A friend got a new bed. We were several miles away from her home when she was telling about how great the bed is. It is easy to adjust from her phone. She can raise or lower the head. She can adjust the temperature at the feet. She can adjust the firmness of the mattress. She was so excited. Then she looked at me and said that it was too bad that her spouse was the only using it at the moment, since she wasn’t home.

I, with my always working brain, asked her if she can adjust it with her spouse in the bed from where we were. No, because the phone and the bed both have to be connected to the same Wi-Fi to get it to work. Suddenly, she realized what I was saying and it dawned on her how funny it would be to have the bed suddenly adjust while her spouse was home, asleep. Ding ding ding! She won the prize! The bed still wouldn’t adjust, though, but it was a funny thought anyhow.

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