Getting Some Stuff Done, Using My Own Method

I made a long list of school stuff in the previous post, Not Getting Much Finished. I have made some progress since then.

I finished one class’s work, up to what is due on Thursday. I tried to get ahead, but the information hasn’t been posted online yet, so I am stuck.

I finished the reading for another class, which included watching a play. I still have writing to do by midnight tonight. I still need to write a proposal by Wednesday for this class.

I have made zero progress on my paper that is due tomorrow at midnight. I’m still sitting with 2 paragraphs to go.

I have 4 of 20 questions on the quiz done.

I have made it to page 16 of 60 pages to be read by 330 tomorrow. I have 40 pages left of my book to write about for that research paper.

I am getting there. Stuff is being pushed to tomorrow, but I am not bumping on hard deadlines, except for the one paper.

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