9 weeks to go

There are only 9 more weeks of this year. That means that I have to schedule my last 16 books into these 9 weeks. I have several books left to read for school, so that will take care of a lot of them. Plus I have several upcoming bookclub meetings to help me at least get through the majority of the book for that meeting. As always, I have several books mostly started, and I just have to sit down and do them.

As you can tell, I am currently procrastinating by writing this. It is currently Saturday morning. I have a quiz and a presentation to do by Monday for class #1. Class #2 has a paper, a spreadsheet, and two reading assignments to complete by Tuesday. Class #3 has a 5 page paper and a writing assignment to do by Tuesday. Class #4 has a reading assignment and research to do for a paper due soon. The reading assignment is due Monday. Class #5 has a research project proposal due by Wednesday and 2 reading assignments due for Tuesday.

I have bookclub tomorrow and I have finished the book. So, just schoolwork is imminent. And laundry. And dishes. And preblogging posts for the next couple of weeks. And other stuff that is on the todo list, like car cleanout and changing the windshield wipers. I’ll find a way to procrastinate while still making progress. I always do.

3 thoughts on “9 weeks to go

  1. Wow. Your schedule is as busy as mine. I couldn’t imagine being in a book club and school and writing and blogging. Whew! That was tiring just writing all that. I am, however, looking forward to finishing my graduate program in Dec so I can get back to reading for pleasure.

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