I have no pants

I was meeting a friend after work one day. We had a swim planned. I messaged her to tell her that I was running late. It had been a long day and I was leaving work late. I almost got to the exit to drive to the estuary. I suddenly blanked and missed the exit. Unfortunately, my exit was the last one before a 9 mile bridge. I took an unexpected tour of the bridge. Thankfully, there wasn’t much traffic and it only made me about 10 minutes late.

We did our swim, half-heartedly, since we were both exhausted. After the swim, I realized that since I forgot my coverup, I could just go home wearing the long tshirt I had been wearing. I couldn’t get my leggings on damp legs.

About halfway home, I realized that I would have to get from my car to the house with no pants on! I phoned home. One daughter suggested that I park in the driveway, since it would be a short distance to the door. The other daughter suggested that I wait in the car until she could bring me pants. Both valid suggestions. I phone a coworker so she could get a laugh at me sitting in my car with no pants. She suggested that I wear my towel in. Duh. I was so tired that I didn’t even think of that myself.

I wore a towel skirt in, over my tshirt. Phew.

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