Read more this year

Read more this year

I get asked quite often how I read so many books every year. I am honest and I say that when I set my goal, I knew there would be a lot of children’s books in there and they don’t take long. I do aim for at least one “real” book a week. I have pretty much kept up with that, sometimes finishing two or more a week. It helps that I start a lot of books and finish them up all at once, too.

The above linked article comes from several avid readers. There are 19 tips for getting more books read each year. The ones that I really agree with are to change up your genre and to switch up the media. I get a lot read by audiobook, since my commute time is my quiet time. I can get an hour or two done each day, depending on what else is on my schedule. If you are reading a “smart” book instead of what you enjoy, stop doing that! Read what you want, not what you think you should read. If you are enjoying what you’re reading, you’re more likely to read it.

The other tips are great, too! The main thing is just to read. No need to count. No need to be embarrassed about what you’re reading. It isn’t a contest. Read for yourself.

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