I’m supposed to be writing

It’s amazing what I can find to do when I am supposed to be doing something else. I can look around and find things that need to be done. Garbage cans that need to be emptied. Laundry that needs to be done. Correspondence that needs to be sent.

Work needs to be driven to. Dogs need to be played with. Meals need to be cooked, planned or ordered.

The gym needs to be visited. Electronics need to be charged. Messes need to be wiped up.

I can also find lists to make. Websites to peek into. Rabbit holes to go down.

I have many books to read. Movies to watch. DVR to clean up.

Homework needs to be done. Paintings need to be painted. Dishes need to be washed.

Bills need to be paid. Papers need to be shredded. Stuff needs to be brought to the car.

Audiobooks need to be heard. Schedules need to be organized. Finally, reviews and blog posts need to be written.

I eventually get there, but there is always something to do. Writing needs to be a little higher on the list than it is these day.

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