Recycling on Vacation

We stay in a condo for our vacation. We are responsible for taking out our own garbage and recycling, of course. There’s a can in the kitchen to collect the garbage, but they only supply a plastic bag for recycling. We use a cardboard box for recycling collection and empty into the community bin when it gets full. Then we bring the box back.

When I was on vacation last week, I went out to the recycling area. The recycling bin was missing, so I looked around a bit. After a moment, an employee brought the bin back and started yelling at me about not sorting my recycling. Excuse me? I most certainly did. He told me that I needed to put the cardboard or paper in another stack, and not in the recycling. I explained that I was emptying the box and bringing it back to the condo room. He wanted to take the box from me, so that he made sure it went into the right area. I again explained that the box wasn’t going to be recycled, only the contents.

He finally left, frustrated with me because I refused to hand over the box.

The next time it was time to bring a load of recycling over, I looked first to see if the bin was there. It was. Then I saw the frustrated employee walk to the right. The recycling area is to the left. I waited for him to pass and made a mad dash to empty the box. I wasn’t going to deal with him again.

I kept the empty box.

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