Last week of summer semester

I finished up summer semester at the beginning of August. One class ended at the beginning of July. The other two ended at the beginning of August. I knew that I had an A for the first class. I still had to do the last week of school while attempting to prepare for a week off for vacation.

One instructor sent a message 2 weeks before class was over, telling us that if we are prepared, go ahead and submit our final paper. Phew. 2 classes done!

The last instructor told us that if we were happy with our midterm grade, we could go ahead and skip the final. She would be dropping the lowest grade. She also gave us the option of taking the final a week early. I debated taking the final at all, since I had received a passing grade on the midterm. I ended up taking it, 4 days early, figuring I couldn’t make my grade any worse. I had a week before the grades were posted, but I was done with the class!

As soon as I submitted the last assignment, I got my reading lists from 2 of my Fall classes. I haven’t started reading yet, but I am ready! One week to go!

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