Shut Up and Write!

I recently joined a new group. It is similar to the Silent bookclub, but we write instead of read. We are meeting on Zoom right now, due to Covid restrictions. This works out well for me, since I prefer to not lug my laptop out any more often than I have to.

Today was the first time I went. This particular group starts with a half hour of chat and a random question for everyone to answer with their introductions, and everyone tells what they plan on working on. Then we write for an hour or so and come back and tell how it went. Because I have to check back in, I know I have to sit and actually get stuff done.

I will meet with another group tomorrow afternoon. The rules there might be a little different, but I am adaptable.

There are several groups that meet in person in my area, but they tend to be mid-week, during the mornings. I can’t meet then.

As I am writing, I am thinking that this could be done for reading, also. I wonder if there’s an online Silent bookclub these days.

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