Getting Ready for Fall Semester

I will be taking 15 units in the Fall. Three of the 5 instructors have posted the reading lists for the semester already. It starts on August 23, so this is plenty of time to get the books and get started.

One of the books is on Kindle Unlimited, so that was easy and free. Two of the other books are on Kindle for less than $1 each. Also good. I had to rent one textbook and purchase two paper books. All are within reason on the prices. Great! One class has no books that are required. This either means we will get handouts or the online textbook will be included in the price of the class.

I am still waiting to hear what I’ll be reading for the other two classes. There is plenty of time to gather the information and order the books, but I would rather be prepared.

I have gotten halfway through one of the books, so I at least know the plot. Some of the others that I had to purchase are short stories, so I have to wait for the syllabus to come out to know if we will read all of the stories, or just some.

Fall semester will be one that is heavy reading, so I would love to get ahead. One we get underway, a lot of the anxiety will pass, but from now until classes start, I’ll be on the edge of my seat.

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