Summer Semester

I realized that financial aid might cover my summer semester, so I looked into it and found that it does! So, I signed up for 2 classes that were different enough that I wouldn’t get confused. Then, I found out how much financial aid would cover, and that there are multiple start dates for summer classes. So, I am taking 9 units over the summer.

The problem is, the classes are jammed into 5 or 8 week classes, so they go at a quick pace. I’m having no problem with the class that isn’t reading novels, but for one class, I am expected to keep up with reading 5 novels in 5 weeks. We are about to start week 4 of class. I have finished 3 of the novels, and almost half of the fourth novel. I see the light at the end of the tunnel!

For the second class, we are just starting week 2. I have week 2’s assignments completed and I have started on week 3’s assignments, plus the midterm project. It’s going along well, so far. I hope the pace stays about the same.

The third class doesn’t start until after the first one ends, so I won’t know how that goes until it goes.

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