What is Your Passion?

For one of my assignments for school, I have to write a paper on my passion. It was written vaguely on purpose. I have to come up with something to write about. What will I write? I assumed that, since it is for a writing class, I should be leaning toward books. While I could write about swimming, I don’t think I am prepared to read a lot on the topic, given the other assignments I have.

As part of the discussion when we were given the assignment, the instructor asked if we had read or watched anything interesting lately. Hmmmm.

I have been listening to The Curious Case of Benjamin Button on audiobook. It got me thinking about how it differs from the written book and from the movie. I haven’t yet watched the movie, but I will get to it before I truly start my paper.

I have to research the whole thing, so between the three types of media, I think I will be able to find enough to write about.

I have the project for a second class completed and ready to present, and another project for a third class almost completed. I am stalling on the paper for the final class, but it will get done before the due date.

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