Any Book Recommendations?

On one of my reading groups, this question was asked – “Any book recommendations?” I’ve been pondering it. That’s such a big question. It’s also very vague for a book group. Between all of the members, we cover almost every genre. What exactly are you looking to read?

What is the age of the person you are recommending to? You don’t want to give an early reader book to someone who is clearly no longer a child. Conversely, you don’t want to give a sweaty romance to a pre-teen or child. Know your audience.

What does this person normally read? Genre counts. Don’t give a horror book to someone who has nightmares easily. Don’t give a mystery to someone who has a short attention span or lack of memory. Try to stick within the person’s usual genre, unless they specifically ask for something different.

Stay within what you know. Also, admit you don’t know much about certain authors or genres. It’s better to admit no knowledge than have someone stuck with a book they hate.

When asking for a recommendation, be more specific. “What have you read lately?” is a much better question, especially with the follow up question “Did you like it?”

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