Child actors

All grown up

The above linked article shows child actors that are not necessarily recognizable now that they have all grown up.

In Kid 90, Soliel Moon Frye tells some of the stories of the kids that grew up with her.

Here are a few of the child stars that I thought that I wouldn’t recognize if I passed them on the street, based on their childhood photos. These three, though, do enough work as adults that they are in the spotlight enough to be recognizable.

While I wouldn’t recognize Raven-Symone from when she was a child, I see her often enough that I would know who she was.

The same goes for Ron Howard. He’s all over the place as an adult. I am surprised that they didn’t use his photo from the Andy Griffith show, since that change would be more dramatic.

I absolutely adore Mayim Bialik as an adult. I loved her in Big Bang Theory, and now in Call Me Kat. As a child, in Blossom, not so thrilled, but in Beaches, she was great. I am surprised they didn’t let her sing in the movie.

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