A Strange Week

This week started out with a full schedule. I had work, school, meetings, and a CPR class to shove into the week. It made me crazy just looking at the schedule.

Once I got through Monday, Tuesday didn’t look much better, but my approach to it was better. I decided that I was going to entertain myself. I have a few patients who are a little goofy, but harmless. We have music playing in the room. As I was going in to help a patient off the table and back out of the room, Rhinestone Cowboy was just coming to the chorus. I asked the patient if she was ready, she looked at me and said, “really?” I nodded. We both broke into song as the chorus started. I did note that my coworkers were not in the room. They don’t always appreciate my off key singing, especially loud enough for others to hear clearly.

Another patient decided that she would serenade my coworker and I. This one was rather unusual, too.

To add to the weirdness that is this week – the checker at the grocery store asked how I was, so I answered and asked how she was. “Well, I would be better if my ex would pay his child support. He sent the kids $100 each for Christmas and is trying to tell the courts that it was his payments for the last 6 years. I tried to call during my break and spent the whole time on hold. I finally got a hold of someone, and she said, ‘oh, they weren’t supposed to transfer you to me. I’m on my break. ‘ and then she hung up.” She then continued to tell me about what a jerk her ex is and how much he owes her and it is for his own kids and he’s not going to get away with it. Then she started bagging strange stuff together as she muttered.

Wow. I was expecting her to say that she was OK, or fine. Or along those lines. I hope she gets it straightened out.

I decided to just do what was on my schedule on Friday. Nothing new. I needed the rest and reset. Today will be better.

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