Hide and Seek in the Bathroom

Usually, I know generally where the cats are when I’m traveling to the bathroom. Usually, they are guarding the cat food, just in case someone might decide to feed them, randomly. Maybe they are trying to keep the kitchen chair warm. Or hoping something will jump out of the recycling bag at them.

Last night, I saw Mini right away. She was wandering around, minding her own business. I didn’t see Inky, so I suspected she was in the bathroom. I was on high alert. She’s jumped out of the litter box at me so many times that I was expecting it. No. She wasn’t there.

I was finishing up in the bathroom, and suddenly Inky popped out of the shower at high speeds, pushed past me and ran out the bathroom door. I screamed. I knew, logically, that she would be in the bathroom, but she still surprised me.

I guess I lost that round of Hide and Seek.

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