Oh, It’s the Mouse

I do most of my computer work solo. I am usually either in my bedroom or in the garage. I am usually concentrating on what I am doing, and have most noises tuned out, unless the TV is too loud or the family or animals are talking. Yes, my pets talk. I’m good with the washer and dryer running. The dishwasher running doesn’t bother me. If I am into what I am doing, I don’t hear it. Even if I am directly spoken to, I just agree without registering what was said.

One day, I was working hard on reading a PDF online. I was using the mouse to scroll as I read. Someone came out to do laundry and pointed out that the wheel on my mouse squeaked. I was informed that I need a new mouse. It never bothered me before, but I asked a friend what to do about the squeak. I was told to take it apart and clean it, but it is easier to just replace it. OK, I will add that to the bottom of my to-do list.

Fast forward a few weeks. I know that the cats have been chasing something. I assume it’s a mouse. The family thinks they have heard it, but it has not been caught yet. The cats are no longer chasing anything, so I hope it has found its way back outside now that the weather is better.

Again, the family came down to work on laundry and school while I was in the garage. “What is that noise?” “Oh, it’s just the mouse.” They stared at me. I asked why they were staring. “How are you so calm when you know there’s a mouse running around, since you can hear it?” I hadn’t thought about that, but rest assured, I would not have been that calm if I was referring to an actual, live mouse. Maybe I should move the task of finding a new computer mouse up the to-do list? Maybe I should just continue to ignore the squeak? Decisions, decisions.

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