Doing the Unthinkable

I am keeping up with the work for school, even though, logically, I’m taking more units than I should. I’m ahead in one class. I’m a little behind in a second, but I’m keeping up with the instructor’s assignments. He’s a little behind. In a third class, I’m right on track.

With my fourth class, I’m struggling to get my thoughts together. I’ve been working on an essay for a while. I’ve submitted two drafts and I’ve had it kicked back twice with comments from the professor. The first one required major editing. The second one only requires a little bit of editing for the majority of the paper. It should take me less than an hour to crank out the paper. I have stalled. I can’t get thoughts going the right direction.

Thankfully, the instructor had mentioned that she would give an extension to anyone who needed one. I emailed her, and I got a response back immediately telling me to get some rest and to not think about it for 2 more days. There is a reason that I feel that I really clicked with this instructor. She knew exactly what I needed.

I have never asked for an extension before. This really is uncharted territory for me. I hope I get a decent grade on the paper after this. The goal is to pass!

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