Starting the Training

I went away to a place with an open pool to begin my swim training. I’m glad I did it in a no pressure place.

Day one, my swim watch decided that it was out of batteries. Part of that, maybe, was that the pool water was at 90 degrees. The maintenance guy told me that he turned it down, but it hadn’t cooled off yet.

Day two, several children needed to be in the same place that I was, and their parents decided to put all of their setup within two feet of mine, so I left.

Day three, I pulled my earplugs out of my ear to hear what someone was saying. The plug part stayed in the ear. We almost went to the emergency room, but I got it out before the tweezers arrived.

I learned that I need a bone conducting mp3 player so that I can use real earplugs. I also learned that my swim watch was lying to me since it worked fine once we got home. Also, I need to go to a pool with lanes and no kids in the way. Thankfully, my gym’s pool has recently opened. Now, to fit it into my schedule!

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