Otto Correct

Otto Correct has made his way into my life. Many of the things I type would be much more interesting if I didn’t correct what Mr. Correct has typed for me. It is worse when I do a voice to text message, but some of the typing messages do get the attention of Otto.

Otto Correct has put naval orangutans on my shopping list. I didn’t bother to fix it to oranges, because I knew what it meant, and I kind of found it humorous.

On the second day of the workweek, I sent a friend a message to have a Happy Toadstool! I guess Otto thought that Tuesdays were boring, not happy, and toadstools made more sense to him.

I’ve wished my cousin a Happy Birdbath on the anniversary of her birth. I just sent it that way because she understands me. Poor woman. Understanding what’s going on in my head is a full time job. She seems to have it down pat.

I was explaining that closies count only in house shows.  Well, that and horse shoes, I guess.

I think one of the things that Otto Correct enjoys most is attempting to embarrass me. You don’t know how many times I have tried to type, “see previous text” and actually almost send “see penis text.” Feel honored if you get one of those. It means that I don’t embarrass around you too easily.

If Otto Correct comes to visit you, please feel free to send his humorous changes to your texts and emails. Sometimes he’s just sending you much needed laughs. We all can use more laughs. Share them!

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