Google reminders

I have learned that my brain works best when I can write things down and forget about them for a while. Putting it on paper makes me dwell on the thing that I need to do less, so I can concentrate on other things instead. Then, I’ll get back to the items I wrote down.

The only issue I’ve had with this is when I’m driving. Writing and driving is frowned upon. I learned that OK Google is great for jotting things down when I’m driving. The downfall to it is that I have to choose a time to be reminded. I spend time thinking about if I want to do it today, tomorrow, next month, etc. Then, what time works for a reminder. If I set it too early, I’ll ignore it. If I set it too late, I’m already home and have passed where I need to go.

It is a work in progress, but I’m getting there. Keeping the ducks in a row. The bees are in a jar.

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