Threatened by eReaders

I agree with this statement. I read on both paper and Kindle. Each has its own use, but neither is fully better than the other. I run out of battery life on the Kindle because I forget to plug it in. I can’t read a paper book in the dark.

One of the comments on this photo was “bookstores, not books, are threatened by Kindle.” I do believe that is true. The books don’t care. The books are just getting the words out there.

If we go further, the authors are the ones getting the words out there, and if the words are on paper or on Kindle, it really doesn’t matter, does it? (we aren’t getting into the great audiobook debate here)

If we go even further, on that comment, bookstores don’t care about Kindle, either. The bookstore owners care about paper vs Kindle, not the bookstore itself.

May be an image of text that says 'Books are D by лo more than stairs by elevators stephen try TE ONSON ook Mook My Dog'

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