Don’t forget your bra!

Sometimes in the mornings I’m not quite organized. Who am I kidding? I’m rarely fully organized in the mornings. I will run around with my todo list going through my head, adding things to my pile and taking them off my mental list. Socks, shirt, pants, toothbrush, and so on.

I had managed to find a clean tshirt and threw it on, but hadn’t finished up what I was doing. I was still running around in a flurry when my daughter came downstairs for school. She saw that I was almost ready to go, so she reminds me “don’t forget your bra!”

I’d like to think that I’d remember that one on my own. At least I’d be reminded when I put my sweatshirt or jacket on? Now I’m not so sure that I’d have fully remembered on my own.

This is why I have family around. To remind me that I’m doing dumb stuff or forgetting something.

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