How to feel well read

How to feel well read

The above linked article is a list of books to read to make yourself well-read. I personally think there are others that one could read, also, but this is a start.

I know I’m not as well-read as I could be, and the fact that I have only read a few of these shows me that. I truly disagree with the fifty shades series being literature and I will continue to refuse to read them. I think that they make no one well-read.

The author’s point, though, was to give the idea that it’s not what you read in certain genres that make you well read, it’s reading across many genres. You don’t want to read just one and say you’ve read a lot.

Another point that the author makes is that the more a person reads, the more that person realizes that she isn’t well- read. There’s always more to read.

Here’s a list of some of the genres the author recommends reading. I disagree with the actual book suggestions, but they are just suggestions and the author’s attempt to get the point of the article across.

Western Classics (Ancient & Modern): to give you a good foundation for the who’s who of Western literature.

Dystopia: the stuff of our worst fears and nightmares.

Science Fiction & Fantasy: we can’t overlook the geeky cousin of the classics, can we?

Great American Novels: these zeitgeist works practically defined a time period of U.S. history.

Literary Heavy Hitters: books that make people go “Whoa, dude!” when you say that you’ve read them.

Popular Fiction: those guilty indulgences that everyone has read (but won’t necessarily admit to it). Warning: this is U.S.-centric, feel free to indulge in your country’s guilty pleasures.

Immigrant Experience (U.S./U.K.): ah, the magical experience of being thrust into a new culture.

Non-Western Classics (Ancient): if Westerners get theirs, so should the rest of the world.

Non-Western Classics (Modern): the stuff that you should read to feel worldly and well-read. (More applicable if you’re from the U.S. or Western Europe.)

Satire: throw in a little giggle into your reading list.

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