“Shar coochy” board

One week, I had been swamped with school and work. Mostly school. Well, a lot of extra credit for school, but also a lot of classwork and prep. One day, I had a particularly long day. After work, I went to the dentist. After the dentist, I got home, dealt with a phone call that involved extra paperwork and research, then I showered, threw on pajamas, and had a plate of dinner handed to me as I went into a Zoom meeting for film class extra credit. After the Zoom meeting, I had to start work on my history midterm. I heard my kids in the kitchen. One was trying to decide how to tell if grapes were still good. I hollered to her to bring me an apple, please, figuring that I would be up for a while, working on the paper. Instead, I got this treat. I powered through my homework with flying colors thanks to my kids taking good care of me. The title is what my daughter called the charcuterie board she was attempting to make with few ingredients.

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